Keeping True – BELIEF!

Why do we fear the unknown? The mystery of tomorrow scares us into submission controlled by the “Fear Monster”. The monster eats away at your true nature and corrodes the Spirit from hearing its guidance by instead listening to the voices of reasons why & “can’t” because of some past experience or situation. The monster within steals your happiness with its shame, blame, guilt games, unhealed & resentful – why – because our thoughts can push you down a murky path of self doubt, unworthiness and pain. Yet your heart urges you forward to transform, shift and heal and the two are in constant battle.

To reclaim your true self, to re-claim your dreams, heal your inner self and learn to love yourself again you must have BELIEF in YOU!!

B(eing)Be yourself. There is ONLY one YOU!! 

E(ffected)Don’t be effected by circumstances, situations and conditions. The CAUSE + EFFECT = Emotions

L(ove)Love ALL of YOU!

I(nsight)In you is all the answers you seek. 

E(volve)Transform. Allow the YOU that wants to emerge out.

F(aith)Trust in your Spirit to guide you by having faith in YOU!

buddha beads

When you have belief in you the fear monster cannot keep its grip on or in you. Give yourself permission to be who you are right now. Create a NO zone of judgment of yourself or others. Keep an attitude of gratitude. Let the history go.  Leap before you look.

You have to begin sometime and why not NOW?

Excerpt from  the upcoming book “Naked In Public- Keeping true by being YOU!”   by Tonya Melendez, RScP, CYT

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