Because I Love Myself…

So many times we get caught up in doing life we forget WHO & WHAT we are. I decided next weekend is “Because I Love Myself” weekend! Let me explain, it will be Labor Day in the US, which was created as a day to recognize that we should strive for 8 hours of “work”, 8 hours of play & 8 hours of rest per day, when is the last time YOU did that?? I know as an entrepreneur, I work all day, everyday by choice because its not work when you are serving the gifts Spirit gave you to share with the world! I knew what I was getting into yet this the the life I dreamt years of.

The reason I want to celebrate next weekend as a special time is because its the first in a series of eclipses & New Moon. This POWERFUL Manifesting energy brings an EXTRA dose of “Light” to our lives. Even if you don’t pay attention to these things you will still “feel” the effects. If you want to check how the energy DOES affect you, check out your SpiritScope here & get your “Spirit Saying”, your personal monthly zodiac mantra.

A few years ago when I first found “Desire Map”, I was hooked! Danielle LaPorte’s energy poured through her words, but more importantly her words poured into me. Desire Map set me on a course that has changed my life. I forgot what it meant to “feel what I wanted to feel” because I spent so much time pushing it away so I could have a job, a car and “stuff.” The life I had created was suffocating me. I was “living my dreaGratefulDesireMapm”.  I thought I was doing what I want,  living where I wanted, until I realized I wasn’t. I had been on my spiritual path, but wasn’t really ‘getting’ what I was supposed to be getting until I was reminded by my desires. It was my hidden away feelings that exploded from me, revealing to me the Truth. It was this Truth that encouraged me to become a Desire Map Facilitator. Once I realized I was sharing it, it was apparent my next thing to do. Everyday I pick a card from the Truth Bomb deck and have an instant reminder, of what is what I want to feel.

Just a few weeks ago, Danielle was selected as 1 of Oprah’s 100 Spiritual Leaders with Desire Map as a “sacred” text. I know she has a new book coming & I am excitedly awaiting is birth, but until then I am sticking to being “free, savvy, sexy, spiritual, blissful pleasure, delicious decadence, luxurious, inspired, divinely guided” (My Core Desire Feelings) 

Do you know what YOU want to feel Beloved? Want to see what your CDF’s are?

You are cordially invited to spend to some quality time loving YOU by allowing yourself to connect to your deepest desires & set them on FIRE!!

Join me & your Virtual Sister Tribe next week as you CELEBRATE for your “Because I Love Myself Weekend”  and allow your “Savvy, Sexy, Spiritual” Self to emerge.

More details & Sign up info HERE: Savvy, Sexy, Spiritual Level 1 Virtual Retreat”


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