7 Day Vision Quest Challenge

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7 Day VisionQuest Challenge


What’s Your Vision Beloved πŸ‘€Β  Do you know?Β img_1717-1

We are in an very powerful transformational time of personal healing, evolution & intuitive guidance. The omnipotent energetic doorway of tomorrow’s numerological 9/9/2016 (9) is an ending of something so what you Desire can begin πŸ’

All Quests begin with a Vision πŸ‘Β  Are You ready?

Join the 7Day Vision Quest Challenge! We begin on 9/9/9 with “Clean Your Mind”. As the Moon grows Full and we feel the affects of its Lunar eclipse we will embark on an adventure into discovering YOU!

Let’s set your Desires on Fire πŸ”₯ as we “Dream. Believe. Manifest.”

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Tonya Melendez, RScP, CYT Intuitive Spiritual Leadership Mentor & Teacher, Amazon International Bestselling Author, TV & Radio Personality

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