“We all have a Wonder Woman within.”

“We all have a Wonder Woman within.” Tonyaism

When I was studying in college as a Women’s Studies minor I remember thinking, one day this will mean something. What is now offered as a major in universities around the world was ONLY offered as a minor when I was an undergrad. Women’s studies wasn’t a “thing” like it is now. Today, more women are small business owners and entrepreneurs than ever before in history. More and more women are reclaiming their personal power as well as their financial, livelihoods & relationships. The age of the “new ” modern women is emerging as women embrace their sexual ideimg_1777ntities & personal power.

Do you know your “Sacred She’?
We’ve been told her power is dangerous, our  femininity is dangerous, that WE are dangerous. We have been conditioned to compete with our sisters, to seek constant approval of our looks, body and ideas. There is  disconnection to the “Sacred She” within each of us.


We are currently in a time of great change, with the possibility of having the 1st female President of the United States. We can change the world, if we align with our “Sacred She” to heal the years of misuse, distrust and pain, the time is NOW!

Book Your Sacred She Sessions Here!

The “Sacred She – LifeScription” Program will provide YOU all you need to discover & rebirth the Sacred She within in. This program includes more than the regular LifeScription, we will explore the Sacred Yoni, SoulSelf & MORE.

The LifeScription™  Program are 3 individual one on one sessions over the course of 4 weeks to Deal, Heal & Reveal YOU the the life you want & deserve.

1) ChakraScription – This Session will allow you to Recenter & “Deal” with imbalances, blockages & leaks. 60 min.

2) Tarot Coaching – What is wanting to “Reveal” itself in your life? This Session will provide guidance, insight & inspiration for what’s ahead. 45 min.

3) Spiritual Mind Treatment – Personalized Healing Session 60 min.

Time to Heal Your Sacred She Book NOW!

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