She Lives To Serve

Do you hear your inner Goddess?

Feeling the need to express & illuminate your Vision & Voice?

Are you ready to let the Universe serve through you?


When I began my work as a Psychic Medium over 10 years ago, I never saw it as a business. What I saw was a  way for me to use my gifts while supporting myself doing what I loved. I operated this way for many years until it dawned on me, “I am an Spiritual Entrepreneur!”, I NEVER saw myself owning a business of any kind, I just knew I didn’t like to work for anyone else and had committed to supporting myself. I took a few online classes, re built & revamped my website more times than I can remember before I understood I needed learn about business so i could take my Services to the next level. Investing in myself was one of the BEST things I ever did for myself & now allow it as a self care/spiritual practice. I had to learn all kinds of things from Graphics to Tripods to Hosting an international Radio Show to illuminate my Vision & Voice and now I want to share that with YOU.

This Mastermind is to provide insight & inspiration for every area of your life. Learn how to incorporate Spirit into YOUR everything, including your money, clients, vision & voice.

‘We need to reshape our own perception of how we view ourselves. We have to step up as women and take the lead.’ Beyonce 


Ignite your Vision & Voice to align with your mission & message by speaking from strength & Spirit, practicing the “G.L.O.W. Codes”, being fierce, fabulous & fearless with faith & a Leader of Light.

This Weekly Mastermind runs in 7 week cycles which includes both a New & Full Moon providing insight to all aspects of your personal & professional life.

We will dive into themes that include, “Activating Your G.L.O.W.”,  “Being Bold & Brave in Bed & Biz”, “Decide & Declare” & more. Our exclusive Facebook Community will offer “The Daily G.L.O.W.” for insight & inspiration, as well as, a Book chat for our current selection, discounts on my offerings & much, much more!

This is set to be a passionately engaged Sisterhood of Spiritual Entrepreneurs ready to SERVE the world SHARING their unique gifts with SHINE! Is this YOU?

Illuminate Your Vision & Voice!

For More Info:

For questions, comments or more info email


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