10 Day Sprint with Spirit

The recent shifting of the world has given me the inspiration to put into practice what I preach. This 10 Day Sprint with Spirit is committing to YOU. It is learning & unlearning ways to live, improve your relationships,  increase your awareness & intuition.

This “10 Day Sprint with Spirit” is to prepare for impending change while embracing personal responsibility, insight & evolution with the RAREST Full Moon of a Life time! On Nov. 14, the Full Moon will be the LARGEST, most POWERFUL & Rare in 68 years!!img_1939-1

Most of us have NEVER felt the INTENSITY of a moon and this one is SURE to set the record book. Learn how to harness this energy & use to for your personal evolution.

This FREE 10 Day spiritual practice provides guidance & alignment with inner peace regardless of what is going on the outside world. Get Daily insight, inspiration & illumination as we Sprint with Spirit into a better today, week, month & LIFE.  Dates 11/4-11/14/16

We will use the classic, “The Optimist Creed” by Christian D. Larsen as both a guide & way to live. IMG_1938.PNG




10 Days of FREE Love!

I am ready to Live in the Light


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