Feel into Your Future

I need daily motivation first thing in the morning to get my mind focused and prepared for the day ahead.  I’ve always been the type to take notes & journal in a pretty spiral notebook. My first Desire Map Planner changed ALL that! I love to randomly chose a #Truthbomb then open my Planner to see what the week & day looks.  Iplanner_weekly_limited_-_product_page-600x600t is MORE than just a Planner, it is insightful inspirations, Moon Cycles & a CONSTANT reminder for me to “Chose how I want to Feel”.

Put your Soul on Agenda in NOW, get a FREE December Calendar Download here!

If you still want to get your hands on a Desire Map Planner, you get $5 off starting TODAY — for 24 hours. We sell out every year, so…it’s good to bust a move now. To get your $5 off each planner use promo code “PlannerGift17” at checkout. This offer ends Tuesday November 22, 2016 at midnight.

Get Your Truthbombs & Planner here! 

What is different about The Desire Map planner this year?

Just like the 2016 planner, this year’s planner integrates self-reflection AND scheduling on the same page, with fresh questions every day/week. Page economy, lots’ of white space for you to write. The difference in this year’s planner is all in the details:

  • uncoated matte paper that works with any pen or pencil
  • a Stop-Doing List in the Daily Planner
  • darker text for easy-reading
  • unmarked timestamps in the Daily Planner so you can set your own times

What’s the difference between the weekly and daily planners?

The Daily Planner is one page = one day. That means a fresh new soul prompt, #truthbomb, scheduling space,To-Do list, Stop Doing list, space for your Core Desired Feelings, and gratitude — DAILY.

The Weekly Planner is a two page spread, with space for Three Major Things you want to accomplish for the week, a To-Do list, and room for your Core Desired Feelings. Between each weekly spread is a page with a new soul prompt, #truthbomb, gratitude, and your “want to change” notes. It’s a weekly planner and journal in one.

 Get Your Truthbombs & Planner here! 

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