The art of play 😃

As children we learn how to behave, our limits, barriers, likes & dislikes. this conditions us at a very early age the power of choice. It also teaches us how to play the game of life. Most of us have created our deepest emotional messages, triggers, fears & blocks by age 9. Soon after we begin  to crave acceptance & approval from our peers again creating another layer of conditioning. By now, we’ve forgotten what “play’ is because something else has given us value and the mixed message society depicts of “playing is fun yet frivolous” pushes us further from our natural instinct to move, create, be silly & present. 
Most people come to me for guidance and support at the end of “now what?” After years of trying to figure it out, Seekers come looking for answers after being lost for years. The sense of identity that is imposed upon at high school graduation to “be an adult” when we’ve barely have a F*cking idea how we got here, is insane.

Growing up quick does not teach responsibility, it teaches conformity like in grade school.  “Follow the rules”, “act like an adult” & “you should know by now” are laden with guilt & shame yet we are told to have it “figured out” by 18. When & where did you learn how to be an adult? Your parents? TV? Society? We are not taught to be adults we are just constantly practicing to become one.  Most of us are what I refer to as “Adulting” the practice to learning to be an behave like an adult. defines adult as “having attained full size and strength”. i am Just beginning to understand what this means, how about you? 

The idea of play as an adult is saved for vacation but I am inviting you now to add a little bit of play into your day & week, watch what happens. Playing will come naturally, set aside time to fully enjoy and immerse yourself in something that lights your heart ablaze 🔥
Allow play to be the theme of your Thanksgiving (US) 🍽 festivities or weekend. Happy Playing! 

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