The Magic of Desire!

Tarot opens the senses. Truthbombs opens our eyes.

Everyday I pick a TruthBomb and Tarot for the guidance i need for the day! Want to try it, get your Truthbombs TODAY!!


Go where the love is. Fill Christmas trees (and hearts) with some golden #Truthbombs. Punch a hole, tie a knot, hang some love. And press play on Christina Perri’s “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas.”

This holiday season, I want to make it easy for you to put  #Truthbombs under the tree, with a limited time offer on my #Truthbomb Deck Bundle.

89790311-e81b-4cce-8ecf-fc6a3c3977d7Right now, get 50% OFF each deck when you bundle Vol 1 & 2 together!

These gorgeous deck boxes are easy breezy to gift wrap. Gold foil embossing. Luxe creamy stock of 134 cards. And because these #Truthbombs are all about soulful questions and heart declarations…then it means they work for like, humanity. Or your boss. Or your yoga teacher and hairstylist. And certainly for your best friends. And most DEFINITELY for you.

White & gold goes with everything… #Truthbomb cards at place settings and under pillows for out-of-town guests. In a bowl at your doorway for visitors to choose from, tucked in the branches of your Christmas tree, as party favours, or gift tags. Make truth the blessing.

Get your #TruthBombs Here!

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