Tarot, Healing & You.

The Year of Completion is almost over. 2016 has been filled with more challenges & personal awareness than ever before. The next 24 hrs. of New 🌑 Moon energy will provide the last opening & release of the old. Use it wisely Beloveds 🙏🏽


I need YOU! I am looking for a few Seekers willing to participate in my upcoming “InSight Tarot Coaching” program. As a participant you will receive both individual & group Coaching with me using Tarot for guidance, insight & healing. This unique & innovative program lasts 6 weeks and will provide intuitive guidance, spiritual healing, awareness and MUCH more! There are Limited spaces available for this EXCLUSIVE opportunity to work with me & Tarot as a part of your Healing Spiritual journey. This is available until 12/31/16. If interested, please respond via email to TarotLifeCoach@gmail.com
**This is a paid program (less than $60 per week) as I prepare for the upcoming “InSight Oracle Deck” production. Your insight maybe used for development.
🔮Weekly Readings, homework, printables & MORE are included.

Serious inquires ONLY! http://squ.re/2i86CwS

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