The Oracle is Coming!

The Oracle is a new inspiring interactive Newsletter filled with the mystical, magical & miraculous. This Bi – monthly membership entitles you to EVERY New & Full Moon Tarot Readings (General),  Sacred Magic, Rituals, Prayers & MORE! Each cycle will be different yet feature the monthly theme.

27fd4f8a-1ab2-4873-8fee-35e41aa45b07The Oracle will also showcase a monthly “Serve, Share, Shine” Spotlight which will feature collaboration partners products and/or services. Get it all delivered straight to YOUR inbox and never be without a Prayer, Ritual or Ceremony for  the New or Full Moon or any other power days EVER again. Learn “Sacred Magic -Ancient Wisdom for the Modern Times”. Or how to “dress” your candles for Prayer & Rituals. Get handy Printables like “Intuitive Color Eating -I.C.E.” for Healing your Chakras, “What are Fear Traps” & how to avoid them and much, much more!

As a BASIC member, only $8.88 per month, you will be eligible for all of the above, Discounts &  Giveaways.  The Oracle BASIC Sign up here

As a DELUXE member, you receive the above AND a both NEW & FULL Moon Readings sent via recorded audio for only $22

The Oracle Deluxe Sign up Here

Refer a Friend  program to earn  a chance for a FREE Tarot Reading!

The 1st Edition arrives on Friday, Jan. 27 filled to the BRIM with Insight & Inspiration!

***To stay connected & interact with kindred Spirits, please consider joining my Facebook Community, The Temple HERE 

“Where Spiritual People come to Commune, Connect & Converse.” 

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