The Moon Made Me Do It!

Love is in the air & has inspired me to practice Prosperity. Prosperity is knowing what A Course in Miracle says, “To give is to know you have received.”

The Divine Love  encircling planet Earth is the blessings of Venus & Jupiter. During this month of love, spreading it is just as important as sharing it.

The Moon Made Me Do It! My “Moonspiration” is a “Circle of Love” A Pay What You Can Tarot Readings from now thru Monday, 2/13/17! Just in time for Valentine’s Day.


Here’s how it will work:

Based on your level of Giving you will receive an Tarot Reading as follows

$20 3 cards sent via Text with Audio Recording

$40 6 Cards same as above

$50 + Private Mini Session Via Skype/FaceTime.

Donate & Book Now! 

All Sessions will be sent and within 24 -72 Hours. Private sessions will be booked individually via link after Donation is made.

As a young girl I remember being told I didn’t have to be smart because I was pretty. I now hold 2 Master’s Degrees in Library & Information Science & 1 in Spiritual Counseling.

I LOVE learning & reminding girls to listen to their inner wisdom not what anyone says.

💜  This Circle of Love will continue as a portion of every donation will be donated to

Black Girls Code 💜

“To give is to invoke Prosperity.” Tonyaism 

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