Tarot 2.0 Bootcamp

Tarot 2.0 Bootcamp  Celebrate Ostara * Spring * Rebirth  – Divine Cycles of Life 3.19 – 3.21.17

Come spend some time learning the Spiritual side of Tarot during the time of New Beginnings & Fresh Starts! This is for Tarot Enthusiasts, Tarot Newbies & Seasoned Professionals. Tarot 2.0 Bootcamp

  • Learn Ancient Tarot Wisdom & Secrets
  • Sacred Spiritual Spreads
  • 4 Spiritual Laws of Tarot 
  • Tarot as Spiritual Practice & More! 

Early Rate $99 Now thru 3/14 after rate increases to $122

Save Your Spot Here


Come discover and learn some ancient Tarot Secrets, Esoteric Wisdom & what’s your connection to the mysterious deck of 78 cards.

“Tarot is a sacred tool for Spiritual development for the Soul.” Tonya Melendez

Think you know Tarot ?   Test Your Tarot IQ Here

Tarot 2.0 Bootcamp will not only provide you a new perspective on life, but also teach you how to access your Inner “Guru Girlfriend” open your intuitive channels. 

Here’s What You Get:

Day 1 – Prep Video, Chakra Healing Meditation, Cleansing Prayer, Clearing Ritual & Candle

Day 2 – LIVE Sessions 2 x 40 min.  AM & PM Will be recorded. Workbook Delivered.

Day 3 – Rebirth Video, Healing Ritual, Candle Magic & SPECIAL GIFT!

BONUS! Get A FREE Personal Mini Reading from me

if you sign up by Tuesday, March 14, 2017!

Save Your Spot Here!

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