Your Sacred S.H.E.

Divine Feminine Aspect. The Light. Dwelling.

“She is like the moon reflecting the Divine Light into the world.” Anonymous 

Shekinah 7day Ritual

Receive this FREE Gift is Soul gift from me to YOU as we are about to enter a VERY powerful time for women to activate, inspire & manifest. The Spring Equinox/Easter/Ostara is a time of Renewal & Rebirth. 

This Life Changing 7 Day Sacred SHE Ritual will accelerate energy, healing & blessings in your life. Are you ready?  
Tarot 2.0 Bootcamp is the Access & Activation point. Sign up here! 

Tarot will serve as your daily Spiritual & Intuitive Guidance tool over the next week.

Shekinah Activation starts 3/16 – ends 3/22/17 

Tarot 2.0 Bootcamp dates 3/19 – 3/21/17 

Get ready, get set and let the MAGIC happen! 

Save Your Spot Here!

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