Ready for Your Renewal?

Divine Feminine Aspect. The Light. Dwelling.

“She is like the moon reflecting the Divine Light into the world.” Anonymous 

I have been guided to share this sacred and Life changing Ritual separately from the Tarot 2.0 Bootcamp to honor and celebrate Ostara! Here’s your chance to participate in this POWERFUL Ritual.

I Am Ready for my Renewal! Sign up here! 

The 7Day Sacred S.H.E. Ritual is a POWERFUL Healer & Revealer. “Soul Work” is required for the next week so you must be agree to be open, willing and ready for the FULL effects of this Ritual to ACCELERATE your intentions. Performing this sacred Ritual & practice during the time of Easter/Ostara/Spring Equinox provides the energetic vibrations of Renewal & Rebirth. Ready? Shekinah 7day Ritual

Supplies Needed

  • Quiet Space (preferably an altar) to collect & gather as a Power center.
  • Small white bouquet or 3 white Roses (NOTE* Be prepared to buy more for Rebirth on Day 7)
  • 1 White Tall 7 Day candle or 1 large candle
  • 3 Small Green Candles
  • 1 Med. Purple candle
  • New Sage wand for smudging
  • Clear Crystals OR
  • 1 small Basil, Rosemary & Sage Plant
  • 3 Apples
  • Money (coins & paper of any domination)
  • 1 Sponge ( any color or kind)

Begin taking Love Showers as a Cleansing, Healing Ritual. Allow the water to cleanse your mind, body & Spirit as you breath in and bathe in the LOVE flowing over you. Ahhhh…

Tonight begin to ask why you here, what is ready to be healed to awaken & activate your sacred S.H.E.  Ask the Sacred Shekinah within to return before you drift off to sleep. Record any dreams or insight upon waking.

Want in? There’s still time! Sign up here Now! 

“Your consciousness determines the amount of Light you receive.” Tonyaism 


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