Taking the Leap!

Take the leap from Judgment to Joy! Learn to shift your Guilt to Gratitude. Turn your Pain into your Pleasure while learning to Trust.

You are on the VERGE of something…Trust your Soul is guiding you. The Soul will continue to urge you forward now. Listen and let go if the idea of struggle. Let this experience be easy. The push to move forward now is is preparation of the April 18th Mercury Retrograde. Getting clear now will provide the Divine guidance needed then.

The last few months have served as opportunities for healing and growth.  Now we enter a new state. A state of Becoming that involves each of us in doing the Soul work required to evolve to the next level. Can you feel it?

Tarot Coaching may be just what your Spirit ordered. My “InSight Tarot Coaching” Program is for women ready to step into their Divine feminine prowess and power authentically. It has taken years to fine tune this program because simply, we are complex creatures. I have taken years of spiritual study, Tarot wisdom, Divine & intuitive guidance in this offering.

We will explore and create the best pathway for Your Healing. Customizing the way to provide the easiest and fastest Transformation for you. We have been taught “time heals all things” without knowing the real meaning of time. Time is to mark progress and direction. Your Soul knows what your heart needs.

In honor of Your Healing towards Wholeness, I am holding a “Love Luncheon” just for YOU!

Tell me Your “Sacred Story”!IMG_2655.

And get FREE VIP  Spot for the upcoming  S.H.E. Retreat September 21 -24, 2017. Come spend 4 sun soaked days with me in Mexico as my special guest in my home for the ULTIMATE Healing Experience!

ALL you have to do is Sign up for the 12 Week Tarot Coaching Program  & share with me “Why You are Ready for Your Breakthrough”! (Click here)   AND be Willing to do the Soul Work wth me as your Guide  & Support. It is my personal promise and guarantee YOU will shift your Life while Healing your Mind, Body & Spirit!

Be my VIP Guest with a “Love Luncheon”! Let me Celebrate Your Growth, Evolution and Healing. This EXCLUSIVE Luncheon will be to honor the SoulSelf. It will be a IMG_8489BREATHTAKING & Blessed Event in honor of YOU!! Sign up, tell me YOUR Sacred Story, “Who are You Willing to become?” I cannot wait to begin this journey with you.

Sign up NOW! Only 1 Lucky VIP Spot is Available! Contest ends 1pm CST 3/25/17. 

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