The School of Bewitchery!

Do you have any lucky charms, amulets? Or do you, like me, sometimes put crystals in your bra to empower yourself? 

Then you are practicing “Everyday Magic”! We don’t often realize some of the practices and daily rituals we perform are actually using our innate charisma & power. Lucky charms are trinkets and/or talismans that have been blessed with Sacred Healing Energy aka “Spell Casting”. Everyday Magic aka Crystals in My Bra!

Join me for “Everyday Magic” (aka “Crystals in My Bra!) to create some of your OWN magic! In this FREE Webinar we will look at Crystals, Candles & more ways to enchant with your personal magnetism.

Sign up & more info for “Awaken Your Divine Feminine Magic” 

Connecting on a DEEPER level to “The School of Bewitchery”? 

A Charter Memebership is NOW available for a Limited Time. The School of Bewitchery launches 6/9/17. 

Upgrade now to become a Premier Charter Member! Ends 3/31/17! 

The School of Bewitchery-social media

Love & Light XO

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