Retrogrades & Reconnecting

Hey Beloveds! I know its been awhile since I last shared a post. First off, thank you for sticking around and waiting patiently. Secondly, I got MARRIED! Thirdly, we moved April 1 and had no Wifi until the day of the Wedding, (April 22) the repairmen came moments before I  got dressed! The following week was an outage! OUCH! The now past (Thank Goddess!) Mercury Retrograde was a strength and faith builder.

In all the time without, I’ve discovered areas of weakness and strengths in what I offer and how. I have a few FREEBIE Webinars lined up for this week  to share then stay tuned for what’s next and coming sOOn! Click Link for Details.

Weds. 5/24/17 “Yoni & You” 

IMG_29345 Day Love Shower Renew & Reset

Thursday  5/25/17 New Moon “5 Day Love Shower Renew & Refresh” Kick OFF! 

School of Bewitchery Charter Membership NOW OPEN! 

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