Make it a Summer to Remember

As the temps heat up so does the summer lovin’ vibes!! This is set to be a time of TRANSFORMATION, HEALING & SELF DISCOVERY as we continue the “Year of You” theme of 2017! Get ready to Deal, Heal & Reveal some of the “great mystery within’.

As the the nights grow longer and the temps deepen into sultry, why not take a peek at what is ahead for YOU. This exploratory yet intimate Session will peek into you as a WHOLE person not just what the Tarot Cards reveal. We dive into your Love Language, combine with a “Cosmically You” Report (Your Birth Chart & Natal Interpretation) and merge it all together with an analysis of your Personality and follow up with an “InSight Tarot” Session.

IMG_2976We will examine:

  • Energy Leaks & Blocks
  • Chakra unbalances, underdeveloped & overdeveloped
  • What your Heart Says
  • What’s Ahead over the next 3 months
  • How to “Be Your Own Lover, Guru, Guide & Healer”
  • Simple Everyday Spiritual Practices, Exercises, Prayers & More.

Book This Unique, Healing Session Now Thru 6/9/17! 


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