The Way of the Mystic

Within each of us is a Mystic, a Magician & a Myth. Weaving together the fabric of our being as we shed and renew many skins over years and lifetimes. Tarot is a tool I use to Divine with your Spirit. As the Moon Illuminates so will this Tarot Reading. Harnessing the Moon POWER of Inspiration with my gift of Insight delivered right to you via Text Message, WhatsApp, FB Messenger or Email.

Audio Recording & Photo of each Moon Cycle will be received.  The Way of the Mystic is the way of ALLOWING Clarity, ALIGNING with Light and ACCEPTING Insight.

Are YOU Ready? Design

This EXCLUSIVE OFFER is ONLY AVAILABLE for 48 HRS.! Gain CLARITY, GUIDANCE & HEALING without making an Appointment. Your Personalized Reading will be delivered on the DAY of the FULL & NEW Moon. These sessions are offered on the LAST day & FIRST day of EVERY Month. First Come, First Serve.

***48 HRS. FLASH Sale ONLY $22! Price increases to $25 after every 1st of the month. Buy a POWER PACK, SAVE & GET Goodies!

Get Info Details & Purchase Here

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