Waiting be gone! Be Your Own Lover, Healer, Guide & Guru! NOW!

These days it seems as if everybody is into “Spirituality” of some kind or another.  With so MUCH to choose from its hard to tell WHAT YOU NEED. If only you could learn a little bit of this & that to get you started on your Healing journey that would be great, but where to start??

Ready & willing to go from struggling to healing to thriving…

It is my belief that each of have within us our own brand of Magic. All Women are Psychics is what I have followed. I created these courses with that in mind, Think of it as a Bootcamp for your Spirit! Learn to connect to the inner Lover, Healer, Guide & Guru within!

This 4 part Class Series will provide YOU ways to Be Your Own Lover, Healer, Guru & Guide. Every Thursday beginning 6/22 -7/13/17 12 -1pm CST
Will be Recorded & available for replay.

Class One – Be Your Own Lover! IMG_2973
This isn’t a class in how to “Love Your Self” it is a class to discover your SoulSelf. Learn to listen to what your heart says, Are you Tuned in or Out? Trust – A Lesson in Intuition + MORE!

Class 2 Be Your Own Healer!
Learn what your body is saying, eating to heal your Chakras, Energy Medicine 101

Class 3 Be Your Own Guide!

Your Gift of Intuition, The Magic Fix?, Everybody-itis,

Class 4  Be Your Own Guru!
Who are You? The Deciding Factor, Faith vs. Fear + MORE!

Wrap up & Close of Series July 13, 2017

Register & Sign up Here!!


Class is in collaboration with OmTimes Magazine

Omtimes Experts Online Learning.

New to OMTimes Experts Online Learning?

Sign up using my referral link: https://experts.omtimes.com/invite/TonyaMelendez


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