Your Divine & Diverse Destiny

“A Wandering Mind is a Magical Mind.” Tonyaism

Right now, we are being urged to pay attention to the Signs & Synchronicities around us for clues & messages from Spirit. The thing is, many are unable to Focus. We become multi tasking “Mavens & Masters” so it’s a “thing” creating lack (or slow moving) of energy flow and there is a positive side too! Being a child of the 70’s I’ve grown up with technology & innovation. Something new coming out DAILY once personal computers & cell phones became was the then “thing”. My first cell phone was nicknamed the “Brick” & I was last to switch to a flip style then Palm Pilot. Can you relate?


I’ve learned to be a multi diverse & faceted Woman, Entrepreneur & Lightworker because I have allowed myself to have “Diversity in the Divine”. Having one or more passions, pursuits & purposes is what keeps me Inspired. Insightful & Innovative. Allowing myself the opportunity to “try out” new ideas led to focusing in on what I really loved. Instead of fighting against my natural flow & creative urges I embraced them. Many failed yet many are the foundation of my current projects. Similar to dating, you’ve got to see what you like & don’t like in another to understand yourself better. We’ve been so conditioned to believe we can only have one career, pursuit & passion yet research shows we are better served to accept our multiple talents, gifts & crafts. We live in an creative age, we are here to create! Instead of fighting to focus, free it.

What Passion, Pursuit or Purpose is emerging from within You?

Willing to try something different?  Learn “4 Ways to Use Your Magic.”

Read Here.


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