Latest Offerings!

As I refine & revamp my brand, I am doing the same on my Website & newsletter. Stay informed, please sign up for updates & insight. I want to be sure to offer YOU what I sense is needed during these ever changing & personally transformative times. I am currently creating content for the “School of Bewitchery” a virtual school to learn everything Woo Woo and MUCH MORE!!! These offerings will change soon and not be offered again.  Stay Tuned for the “Yoni & You” VIP Movie offer!!!

The School of Bewitchery Membership, Mentorship & Mastermind 

TunedIn Tarot – No Appointment Needed! Personalized Tarot Audio Recording + Photo


Moon Cycles


One on One 







“Soul You Are” (Solar) Session  

24 HR>>>> SUPER PRICE $99 ends 8/15/17 5pm CST IMG_1596








PRESALE “The Little Book of Woo Woo” Prayers, Incantations & Spells

 Sept. 20, 2017


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