Where has your Magic gone? 

There was a time when women would meet daily for coffee  to discuss how to heal, cure, fix and mend. They shared practices & traditions learned from the women before them. These traditions were lost once women entered the work force. As more were pushed to work outside the home, many were not prepared to play the games of the corporate world. This created a split and now generations of women have lost sight of themselves and have tucked away their feminine energy to make more money. This stripping away of the feminine energy in the home, while covering it in the office has slowly chipped away at the inherited wisdom teacher & healer within.

“The School of Bewitchery” is where you learn to reconnect to your Feminine Fire, align with a community of Sisters in Spirit and reconnect to the Magician in YOU.

Join now by 9/20 and receive an invitation to the “Goddess Kali New Moon Fall Equinox Ceremony” happening 9/21/17!

Learn to “Use Your Magic” to:

  • Harness the Power of the Moon Cycles,
  • Increase your intuition,
  • Develop Spiritual Self Care Practices and
  • Learn ancient Womanly Arts (aka generations of Women Wisdom, Healing Prayers, Spells and MORE!)

The School of Bewitchery Membership also includes “Be A Wealthy Witch” 6 wk. Course!

Click Here to Join Now! 

Would you like to have your own Moon Cycle Reading delivered right to your inbox?

Premium Membership includes;
1 New &  1 Full Moon Tarot Readings via audio recording  & photo to Text, FB Messenger  or Whats App

Click here to upgrade.

In Light xo


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