Make some Moon Magic!

Hey Beloveds!

It is the Season of the Witch and one of my favorite times of the year! What this means is the Moon and time of year have a HIGHLY spiritual feel. We are able to connect to the Spirit world and they with us. It is the “Witches New Year” aka Samhain a time of balance, harvest & plentitude. Practicing magic now is easier than ever due to the “thinning veil” a time when the Spirit world is most open and accessible.

Moon Magic

During this time we also are blessed with a Full Moon (11/3/17) adding to the potent power we can use to make magic, manifest miracles and meet the mystic within.

The “Moon Magic – Harness its Power” Ebook is YOUR “DIY Bewitchery” Moon study guide, spiritual practice & MORE!

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