Season of the Bruja!

Happy Halloween 🎃 aka Witches New Year, my favorite time!
And I have Blessings to share with YOU!
“Season of the Bruja” 2017 ✨  IMG_3979
🔮 Freebies 🔮
🔺 Tarot Workbooks 1-3 TBA
🔺 Tarot Spreads Random via social media 
🔺Daily Tarot Rituals (Tarot 2.0 Tribe) 10/31
🔺“Cast Thy Circle” FB Livestream 10/31 11am MDT
🔺“WooWoo TV!” YouTube channel launches 11/2 TBA
🔺Día de los Muertos – “Conjuring & Connecting” Sacred Candle Ritual & Celebration FB Livestream 11/2
🔺Full Moon Magic (The School of Bewitchery) 11/3
💎💎 Special Offerings 💎💎
💜Little Book of Woo Woo + 3 Card Reading vía Audio
(no appointment needed)
Available now thru 11/4/17
💜💜+ Upgrade = 1 cycle of “The School of Bewitchery”
(save over $20)
Available now thru 11/3/17
💜💜💜+ Premium = Divine with Me + Upgrade + Special
(save over $30)
Available now thru 11/4/17

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