The END is Near!! Cosmic Forecast 2018 is HERE!

As we are 33 days from the end of the “Year of You”, 4 days from the last Full Moon 🌚 (Supermoon) and the final Mercury Retrograde, it is time we look 👀 at what 2018 will bring.

I have dubbed 2018 as the “Year of Union” not just based on the numerology, but also the cosmos. Get ready for BIG energies centered around #2, doubles, couples, partnerships, collaborations + more.

Here are 2 ways to learn more about the “Year of Union”
1) FREE Live 2 Part Series  “Cosmic Forecast 2018”

Part 1 – The World & You + Full SuperMoon Prep

this Saturday 9am CST

Part 2 Life, Love + Loot

12/18/17 + New Moon & Winter Equinox Prep

Sign up now! Click Here! 

2) Get an Personalized “Cosmic Tarot 2018 Forecast”

Explore what 2018 has in store for you in Love, Work, Health & more!

This powerful & personalized 12 Month Spread will reveal insight, themes & areas of attention in your life.

This One of a Kind 1:1 Session includes:
35 min. Intuitive Tarot
+ 15 min. Q & A
+ 15 min. Forecast
– Love, Life & Loot
(Clairvoyance & Mediumship)

+ “The Little Book of Woo Woo” Ebook
+ Personalized Birth Chart & 2018 Cosmic Report
+ Spiritual Practice & DIY Ritual
+ Admission to the “Sacred S.H.E. Circle” Winter Equinox Ritual 12/21/17***Zoom Link provided for Recording!

Only 22 Sessions Available!
***$5 of each purchase will be split to be donated to

1) @blackgirlscode

2) @iamthatgirl

Get ready to see what the “Year of Union” will bring YOU!

Available now thru 12/12/17.


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