Learn Tarot. Learn You.

I have been quietly consulting, casting and creating while adjusting to married life as a Spiritual Entrepreneur.  It has been Tarot that has provided me guidance every step of the way. 

“By viewing the images that we cast onto outer reality as mirror reflections of inner reality, we come to know ourselves,” Sallie Nicols, Jung and Tarot 

Let me share with you how to use Tarot as a Sacred Spell. My unique perspective, of Tarot as a spiritual practice for insight, healing and guidance will be shared in a FREE Live Online Class. “Spreads as Spells” is a fresh look into Tarot as a part of your daily spiritual practice, not just for answering questions and fortunetelling.  Design 5

We will be using the “Align with the Divine” Spread that is made for Tarot yet may also be used for Oracle cards. Come prepared to learn Tarot, learn You. Drawing from Jungian psychology, the Kabbalah, Astrology and Mysticism discover the the deeper study of Tarot as it was intended. Some believe Tarot was introduced by the ancient Kemet civilization of Africa as a guide for initiates into the Mystery Schools. 

In this FREE Live 30 min. Online Class be prepared to discover something new about yourself. 

Register Here for Details 

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