Is old energy draining you?

Did you know it takes 11 days to create a new habit and
22 to turn that into a behavior?

Creating new patterns is the most important element of healing. Each day provides another opportunity to practice and pray.

You are not here by accident Beloved. I am so happy you made it.

You are here by a series of events and experiences that have left you feeling drained and exhausted.

Well no more!

All repetitive patterns and behaviors that sabotage or delay your deepest desires will be examined and healed once and for all!

This is only the beginning of your healing journey. This Self Directed Cleanse serves as a Guide, Prayer Book and Sacred Practice.

It is my promise that by the end of this Cleanse, you will feel like a new Person. 

Lighter + Brighter! Happy + Healed! 

For 22 days, learn sacred, spiritual practices while I serve as your Guide, Support and Mentor. I am expecting miracles Beloved!


CLICK HERE to Sign Up to get the FREE 22 Day Cleanse Guidebook Now! 


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Testimonial May 15, 2018
Anna M. “About 6 months ago I was in a struggle and asked for help. The joy, that spark, the wonderful relationship with my partner and my children felt lost.
I joined the S.H.E inner circle with Tonya Gonzalez and continued with Be Your Own Oracle.
I am blessed and I am healed but I had to let it all go away, relationship was almost ended with my love and I accepted that I once again would be alone. But the joy, that spark, the trust and inner strength came back and I am happy again.
My relationship is full of love now and the communication is better and also with my two children 16 and 19. It started with the approval of myself and who I am.

I love myself and my new rituals are dancing, crystals, makeup, new clothes, tarot cards, my work as a massage therapist that allows me to heal people in pain.

Thank you for guiding me on my Journey. 🙏🏼
Love you
The distance between Sweden and Mexico feels so close.”





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