The Wild, Woman Writer Within.

Writing has always been  my BIGGEST dream and deepest passion. It took years for me to unravel all the perceptions of why I could not do before I finally allowed myself to do it. Having my first co-authored book become an Amazon International Bestseller, “Opening with Grace & Gratitude” available below,  opened my eyes to the gifts I have the thing is allowing it to be shared.  I once wrote a poem called, “Now I know Why Writer’s Drink.” ( I will find it and share soon!) 

The second co- authored book also became a Bestseller. That officially makes me a Bestselling Author. One of my WILDEST dreams come true. 


It’s such an interesting thing to witness your growth through your own “wisdomed” words. So liberating to  to let them slip out of you for the world to see. It has been a journey worthy of unfolding, unearthing parts of me that had laid dormant. I am honored to share my latest wild, wise woman words with you via Patreon. CLICK HERE to VISIT and JOIN! 

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