Rise Queen Rise!

It has been quite a first half of the year for women. All over the globe, women’s voices have been rising. The #MeToo and #TimesUp movements have provided much fuel to the fire for sexual harassment & abuse, inequality and the pay gap. Yet with all the talk, policies and politics the movement is slow, separated and stagnant. Life continues as it always has until the next time.  The energetic, emotional triggers created have left many women anxious, angry and aggravated. Is this you? 

Never before in history have women made the their mark like this year. From the historical vote to keep to keep a predator out of office to Cardi B.’s money moves. As women we are rising out of the old paradigm and into a new one. Do you feel it? 

Come spend some time and discover how to embody, embrace and empower the Queen rising within.

The “Rise Queen Rise” 6 week Intensive will uncover ways to advance you towards your deepest desires while healing your Soul. This Sacred Summer School  is for ALL women. We are each, individually and collectively, Sisters in Spirit and Healers, it is time to bring Light to the uncharted territory within and around us. 

I Claim My Crown! Save my Spot!

Embody.Embrace. Empower.

At less than $75 per week! I guarantee this Intensive is worth EVERY penny. We will gather 2-3 times per week ensuring your support and healing are being experienced. 
(Payment Options are available)

As a Member, you will be a part of my sacred circle, I will be guiding, supporting and healing you everyday!
Enrollment is NOW open. 

I Claim My Crown! Save my Spot!

Over 6 weeks you will learn to embody the divine feminine, embrace your unique essence and empower the Queen within. 
Beginning with our mantra, 
“I am a Sacred, Sensuous and Successful Woman”  

Overview of Intensive

Over 6 weeks we will:

  • Discover the 12 Divine Feminine Archetypes
  • The Sacred Cycles of the Moon
  • Reveal the 8 Sacred Money Archetypes 
  • Examine and explore the Chakras that affect women the most!
  • Rewrite & Heal your Money Story
  • Uncover your Intuitive Intelligence
  • Learn Tarot as a self directed spiritual practice
  • Past Lives and Present Experiences 
  • Yoga and Breath work 
  • Daily spiritual practice & activities
  • + MORE! 

Weekly Meetings
–  Mentoring Call 
–  Womb Wizdom – Healing the Sacred Self
–  Prayer/Healing Circle
Bi Weekly
–  Diversity Discussions 
–  Moon Meditation Gatherings 

Discover More You! 

Testimonial May 15, 2018
Anna M. 

“About 6 months ago I was in a struggle and asked for help. The joy, that spark, the wonderful relationship with my partner and my children felt lost.
I joined the S.H.E inner circle with Tonya Gonzalez and continued with Be Your Own Oracle.
I am blessed and I am healed but I had to let it all go away, relationship was almost ended with my love and I accepted that I once again would be alone. But the joy, that spark, the trust and inner strength came back and I am happy again.
My relationship is full of love now and the communication is better and also with my two children 16 and 19. It started with the approval of myself and who I am.

I love myself and my new rituals are dancing, crystals, makeup, new clothes, tarot cards, my work as a massage therapist that allows me to heal people in pain.

Thank you for guiding me on my Journey. 🙏🏼
Love you
The distance between Sweden and Mexico feels so close.”


Sign Up Now! I Claim My Crown! Save my Spot!

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