A Book and a Dream!

“The Sensuous Bruja” is my BIGGEST Dream come TRUE! On July 31st I received an email that read, “Urgent! Time to Write that Book!” within hours something was PUSHING me to write and submit a Proposal. Within 2 days it was ACCEPTED and entered into the Publishizer – Mind, Body Science” Writing Contest and is NOW Open for Pre – orders and filled with BONUSES that Add Sexy to Your Magic + More! Click here to get your Copy + Sexy Bonuses NOW!!
The Contest ends Aug. 30, that means I have ONLY 28 days to get Share!!!

Please Share with your women, friends, siStars, Healers, Witches, Brujas and family! Thank you in advance for supporting the book and my dream! 


“The Sensuous Bruja” will provide insight as well as inspirational stories, spiritual practices, Prayers, and more. Learn to discover more you. 

Tune in. Turn on. 

Image 8-16-18 at 9.08 AM

“Our bodies are perfect pendulums, able to create, heal, and manifest. Yet the #1 issue and complaint amongst adults is a sense of separation from their Minds, Bodies, and Spirits. 

This sense of separation comes from years of conditioned thinking by a society at large that wants us all to conform to what is deemed normal. The interesting thing is as children we are told to experiment and explore without preconceived ideas (aka Judgements). We set out on adventures, discovering new sights, sounds, smells, and tastes until we’re told to stop and grow up. As a young girl, I remember jumping through rivers and hoops, kissing boys and sometime girls, all to figure out how it felt and what to do. 

How much have you really learned since then? 

We all know how to have sex, but how many of us know about intimacy? 

Spirituality and Sexuality are where, we as adults, get to play, create, and have FUN!”

Pre – Order your COPY  here NOW 


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