Are you a Tarotista?

In 2012, I competed in the International Psychic Challenge & was voted #3 Psychic Medium in the world on European TV. I share this because as a black woman, I was once afraid to share my natural gifts for fear of what others might say or do. Remembering the black women psychics that have come before me like Tituba, Madame Marie Lavaeu, Ms. Cleo & Pamela Coleman Smith, who each endured some type of persecution because of their intuitive superpowers, I feared the same ridicule. Before that I played it safe as a Librarian yet the call to serve, share & shine was too strong🤓

For the last decade I’ve supported bestselling authors, entrepreneurs, VP’s & more with intuitive guidance & Tarot Readings yet now more than ever, I’m empowering women to embrace Tarot as a tool of self discovery. 

Why now? 

As more women return to themselves, their ancestral wisdom and intuition, Tarot is a bridge between the inner landscape & outer reflection. 

The Empowered Tarotista is a yearlong journey with Tarot for you to develop;

⁃Cultivated daily spiritual practice 

⁃Powerful intuition through breathwork, meditative practices & energy healing techniques. 

⁃Learn how to use 2 decks to connect the inner and outer selves + more! 

Who is a Tarotista? 

A dynamic, determined & driven woman who lives life on her terms. She welcomes the healer within to guide & provide her next steps while recognizing her self assurance comes from her cultivated spiritual practice. 

She knows Tarot is a tool that expands her self awareness while increasing her connection to the Divine. 

A Tarotista trusts herself & her intuition to empower her life.

A few Membership Benefits include:

⁃2021 Tarotista profile (growth, soul cycle + annual forecast)

    ⁃  Learn how to create your  personal Tarotista Profile 

⁃Monthly Full moon gathering 

⁃Birthday reading + 2x 30 minute Empowered Tarot Sessions & more! 

Join me on this 2021 sacred of self discovery to empower your life, biz & dreams🔮 

P.S. 2021 is a 5 numerology year of personal freedom & forward movement, what steps are you taking to empower this on your journey? 

Join this sacred journey, click here

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