People, Places & Things I ♥︎

“Every person is a golden link in the chain of my good.” Florence Scovel Shinn

Who I Love

kimra luna website graphics 3_photoKimra Luna

Personal Branding & Online Business Strategist

 Check out our Tarot Reading here! 



Julia Gabrielov –  Fantasy Illustrator 
Designer of the upcoming

“InSight Tarot Deck” IMG_5320

Angelea Smith-Woods – Graphic Designer





  Thing  & Places I 💜 Love


Go2Guru Girlfriend Amazon Store

Go2Guru Girlfriend's Store

 Featuring “SpiritScopes” 


Aromatic Earth Aromatherapy 

Creator/Collaborator of  upcoming

namastelogo_extended_1431378611__55371“Psychic Scent – InSight Oils” 

Women 3



Where I Give

Pachamama Alliance 





2 thoughts on “People, Places & Things I ♥︎

  1. I just watched you on periscope. Beautiful… I am very curious as to where you live in Mexico and what the cost of living is… I am thinking of retiring and would like to retire someplace sunny seeing I have lived in Washington all my life so far… If you have time I would greatly appreciate a little insight. Sincere appreciation. Roxy

  2. Hey Roxy! I love in Ajijic, Jalisco, Mexico & it LOVE it!! Its paradise with fresh foods, lots of retired American & Canadians here! The weather is sunny mostly every DAY!! Look it up, then visit, you will stay!! Please keep me posted of your journey!

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