Desire Map with Me!

I am thrilled and grateful to have taken this step in connecting to my Desires. Acknowledging what I want and want without guilt, fear & judgement has been the saving grace of my life. It has been a journey into myself like other which is why I knew I had to become a Facilitator. I have been a fan of Danielle La Porte and thTonya Melendeze Desire Map since it first came out and this opportunity has been a dream come TRUE! I love this work, support its message. Words cannot express how blessed I am to share this profound & life shifting work. It is my honor & privilege to combine my love for all things spiritual with this love letter to the Soul. I invite you to take a peek into what is within YOU. Allow me to provide you support, guidance & healing as you tune into channel YOU.

P.S. I LOVE this so much, I am an Affiliate. The circle of love from Team D is so AMAZING! We both grow as YOU grow, here’s the link to get your #TruthBombs, Desire Map Journal or Tattoos!

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