Tarot & Healing Sessions


Tarot is an ancient Divination tool for personal guidance for yourself & others. This ancient tool has so much Magic & Mystery surrounding it no one is 100% sure where its mystique comes from. With thousands of decks in circulation, each holding its own power,

I use the traditional Hanson – Roberts deck as my professional deck with clients. Its vintage look & feel reveals deeper wisdom for YOU that spans lifetimes (see image above). Our time together is a blend of senses, stories & sharing.

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Individual 1:1 Tarot Coaching

An intimate one on one Session with Spiritual Guidance & Tarot Coaching

InSight Tarot Coaching 70 min. 

SoulScription™ Program

Your Personalized Program to Heal your Mind, Body & Spirit.

People who like themselves are more successful, financially free, healthier & have meaningful relationships.
SoulScription Packages are 3 individual sessions over the course of 4 weeks to Deal, Heal & Reveal YOU the the life you want & deserve. IMG_1849.JPG

Session 1 consists of identifying what your heart says & how you want to feel. This session will leave you inspired & introspective.
Session 2 dives deeper into healing the Self abuse, sabotage & negative emotions that have heal you back. This Spiritual Coaching is a passionately engaging session of healing.
Session 3 allows & aligns you with your Vision, Dreams, Desires & Destiny.

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Spiritual Mind Treatment 45 min.

Personalized prayer to heal conditions in the mind. Using a 5 step Prayer system, thisIMG_1602 healing Session is known to make magic in all areas of your life. May be recorded. 45 min. Spiritual Mind Treatment


Healing & JuJu Magic

I knew I was a healer when I allowed the flow of energy to rise from within me. I had always been fascinated by mystical & esoteric Healing, as well as, Spiritual Healing. Shamanic energy has been one of the most fascinating learning experiences as it has aligned me with not only a home but the energy of Mother Earth. Living in the mountains, on a lake, has served as an ideal balance for integrating these practices into my intuitive Services/Offerings. I’ve taken the last year  to align more with who I am as a Healer, Minister, Teacher & Mentor so with gratitude and grace I offer you the following Services of Healing.

JuJu Magic is how I describe some of the exercises, Oils, Plants, Prayers, Mantras, Candle Magic & Books I suggest as a way to enhance & increase your Healing process. Nothing scary & only a little woo-woo! I love the WOO World, you know!

Take a peek at what I offer. Remember we can combine to make a Customized & Personalized Package just for YOU! Your Healing Transformation is why I do what I do.