“We all have a Wonder Woman within.”

“We all have a Wonder Woman within.” Tonyaism

When I was studying in college as a Women’s Studies minor I remember thinking, one day this will mean something. What is now offered as a major in universities around the world was ONLY offered as a minor when I was an undergrad. Women’s studies wasn’t a “thing” like it is now. Today, more women are small business owners and entrepreneurs than ever before in history. More and more women are reclaiming their personal power as well as their financial, livelihoods & relationships. The age of the “new ” modern women is emerging as women embrace their sexual ideimg_1777ntities & personal power.

Do you know your “Sacred She’?
We’ve been told her power is dangerous, our  femininity is dangerous, that WE are dangerous. We have been conditioned to compete with our sisters, to seek constant approval of our looks, body and ideas. There is  disconnection to the “Sacred She” within each of us.


We are currently in a time of great change, with the possibility of having the 1st female President of the United States. We can change the world, if we align with our “Sacred She” to heal the years of misuse, distrust and pain, the time is NOW!

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The “Sacred She – LifeScription” Program will provide YOU all you need to discover & rebirth the Sacred She within in. This program includes more than the regular LifeScription, we will explore the Sacred Yoni, SoulSelf & MORE.

The LifeScription™  Program are 3 individual one on one sessions over the course of 4 weeks to Deal, Heal & Reveal YOU the the life you want & deserve.

1) ChakraScription – This Session will allow you to Recenter & “Deal” with imbalances, blockages & leaks. 60 min.

2) Tarot Coaching – What is wanting to “Reveal” itself in your life? This Session will provide guidance, insight & inspiration for what’s ahead. 45 min.

3) Spiritual Mind Treatment – Personalized Healing Session 60 min.

Time to Heal Your Sacred She Book NOW!

“Do what you love, the blessings will follow.”

We live in a world where we have access to everything. The love of money taking never giving. Yet we continue to recycle & replenish ourselves. A move, a marriage, a divorce, a home, a loss. Something aligns us to continue, to move forward. The constant in all and EVERYTHING is YOU, not your mind, not your body, but your Spirit that inspires you to “against all odds” keep going. Stuckness, hurtness & brokenness all come from feeling separated from that inspiration.

The thing is, it woke you up this morning. It’s deepest desire is that you continue, that you progress, that you are happy.

Being broken-hearted, in lack & disappointed is where fear loves to troll. To align with your Spirit is simple recognize & realize, you alone can do nothing because if you could, you would have by now.

Allow Spirit to guide, support & heal you. Perhaps a “LifeScription” is just what you have been asking for.

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“Let go of all trivial things that churn and bubble on the surface of your mind, and reach down and below them to the the Kingdom of Heaven.”

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3 Ways to Use Tarot to Heal Your Life

“Today, we see Tarot as a sort of path, a way to personal growth through understanding of ourselves and life.” Rachael Pollack

The 78 cards that make the Tarot come with many stories of magic & mystery. Like the fact the deck is numerological set at 7. The 78th card represents us as the ‘0’ Fool, a new beginning & way is set before us. Like the seasons, months of the the year & zodiac cycle, Tarot’s wisdom is constantly evolving to those willing to look beyond the fortune telling and delve into its alchemy.

Originally Published in Huffington Post, continue reading here:

 3 Ways To Use Tarot to Heal Your Life


“Do what you love, the blessings will follow.”

We live our lives from the outside in instead of the inside out.  Thinking soon as I have everything I need, THEN,  I can work on my healing my _______.

This confusion has created illness, disease, social injustices, unhealthy weight gain & violence. The age we live in has the most STUFF ever! I imagine the simplicity of what our ancient ancestors used to live on while happy, community centered & without money. We can’t go backward to move forward, but we can provide ourselves support & healing to become the person we most want to be.

“Dream. Believe. Manifest. Mastermind ”  is just what you are looking for if:

  1. You are done with the struggle.
  2. You are done being “a little” overweight
  3. You are done being broke.
  4. You are done being single.
  5. You are done________

This isn’t just a study group or a lesson or a book club or a community. It is ALL that and more. It is your haven, your spiritual center, your support group, your Mentor, your Healer, your Teacher & MORE Allow me the opportunity to support you as you learn to know your SoulSelf.


In this Weekly gathering we will discuss our current spiritual book, dive into life’s learning lessons with spiritual guidance & discuss a life area of healing. This is a One of a Kind offering as I blend years of wisdom as a Spiritual Teacher, Psychic Medium, Minister & Healer to you. I know you want to heal. I know you see a different life for yourself, allow my to get you there.

This Weekly Mastermind via TBA Livestream

(FreeconferenceCall. com or Uberconference)

When: Beginning Sept. 22, 2016

Thurdays @7:30pm CST 70 min.


Sign up below, click link to subscribe Weekly of Monthly

Cost: Weekly $7.77 

Per Month  $31.00

When you sign you NOW, your price is locked in for 2 months!

(Prices increase 9/16/16 to $9.99 weekly, $40 per month)  


To get on the waiting list & be added to our Facebook Group “Spirit Squad”

email me tarotlifecoach@gmail.com


“Do What You Love, the Blessings Will Follow!”


The Importance of Following Your Intuition

Do you ever pause long enough to listen to your intuition, your inner guidance system? With so much coming at us in every direction, it’s difficult to pay attention to everything at once, including the silent messages we receive from deep within.


Today I’m speaking with Intuitive Spiritual Healer, Tonya Melendez. In the this podcast, you’ll learn:

  • What your intuition is
  • Why your intuition is important in your life choices
  • How intuition serves you

Check out the interview here

7 Day Vision Quest Challenge

Sign up here for the 

7 Day VisionQuest Challenge


What’s Your Vision Beloved 👀  Do you know? img_1717-1

We are in an very powerful transformational time of personal healing, evolution & intuitive guidance. The omnipotent energetic doorway of tomorrow’s numerological 9/9/2016 (9) is an ending of something so what you Desire can begin 💝

All Quests begin with a Vision 👁  Are You ready?

Join the 7Day Vision Quest Challenge! We begin on 9/9/9 with “Clean Your Mind”. As the Moon grows Full and we feel the affects of its Lunar eclipse we will embark on an adventure into discovering YOU!

Let’s set your Desires on Fire 🔥 as we “Dream. Believe. Manifest.”

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Opening with Gratitude & Grace

It has been a few weeks now since my book became an Amazon International Bestseller! My mind still can’t seem to wrap around the fact that not only am published author, in a printed book, being placed in libraries & given as gifts, I am an International Bestselling author. My childhood dream come TRUE! Since I fell in love with books and the library when I was about 9-10 years old, this has been my dream. I thought after being a single mother and all the lessons life taught me that this dream seemed far off. I believed I would self publish a “little” book and that would satisfy my Writer spirit, it did not.

I never gave up, even after being a librarian, European TV Star & #3 Psychic in the World, my DESIRE to write sparkled even under the years of neglect.  Once I said yes, I am a Writer, the spark turned into a flame & I decided I had to do this NOW! I wrote the damn story, then I wrote for the Huffington Post & now I am a bestselling author. I did not look the way I thought, but I am JUST getting started.

My publisher, Linda Joy, has made this such an AMAZING experience, I can ONLY move onward & upward. Recently, Linda & I chatted about the journey to “Opening with Grace & Gratitude”, via Skype and REALLY got deep about what got me to and through this book with her. We laughed, we cried and we fell more in sistership than EVER! I am so grateful & honored to work with Linda and her idea of collaborative heart-centered business model.

It is with pleasure & joy I can share this video with you on Thursday, Sept. 8th, 2016.

I personally invite you to watch, listen & heal. I cannot wait for you to see how my story, “Naked in Public” was born!! BONUS!! The link below is also for you to access some AMAZING Gifts!

Click here to sign up, receive your gifts & watch my video along with 37 other Brave, Inspired & Visionary women  bit.ly/2b9Mtjz


September SpiritScopes are READY!

Mantra & Message “Love & Light are shining on me now”


September kicks off in Wow mode, with a New Moon & Solar eclipse blessings us with its power. This life changing time is upon us to reveal, heal & deal with is no longer working in and around your life. As we enter this initiation period of new beginnings think back to where you where 7 years ago. We learn and grow in cycles of 7, so look back to 2009 as the source of what is changing, releasing & healing. Unless you crawl under a rock, you will not out run or maneuver this energy. Mercury Retrograde began, August 31 and will stay with us for the next 3 weeks keeping us focused on ourselves. This focus will allow us to observe our minds, bodies & Spirits from a higher more reflective point of view instead of the old way we see ourselves. Stay open even when you want to shut down & let the magic happen ✨

Click here for yours: SpiritScopes

The 2017 Desire Map Planner Collection is here!

It’s a radically different way to plan your day, because it puts your soul on the agenda.

I love my Planner so much it goes where I go! I carry it from room to room, so I can always stay connected to what my heart says & my Core Desired Feelings. This tool is a God send in keeping me focused on creating from my Soul. I recently became a Desire Map Facilitator because of the life affirming & changing experiences that continue to unfold as allow my Desires to manifest. Tonya MelendezIts like a evolution of DEEP inner wisdom, harmony & FIRE that had been dormant is now awakened & alive. I just KNOW you will love having a place to provide Daily guidance, insight & healing. You have got to get one!! It is a Game Changer!  I am SUPER Excited about the new added features & can’t wait for YOU to get one TODAY!!

This planner puts your desires on the map, and helps you plan your days and weeks according to how you most want to feel. The way it should be. Where most day planner systems are straight dates and to do’s, this planner is so much more…

Based on the wildly popular book and workbook by Danielle LaPorte, The Desire Map, this planner system incorporates your soul and your to-do list; your gratitude and your goals; your deepest desires with your day-to-day.

The 2017 planner comes with two versions, the Daily and Weekly edition, for the any type of planner person:

The DAILY planner for the highly scheduled, detailed thinkers, and awesome A-types who love keeping track of all the big and little things. This planner takes you through the year day by day, with unique soul prompts to limber up your mind before you write, scheduling space, #Truthbombs, a Stop Doing list (because saying no is revolutionary) and a super condensed list called 3 Things so you can get your most important to-dos done.

The WEEKLY planner is for the big dreamers, Creatives, and entrepreneurs — the planner-types who want a bird’s eye view of their week. Sprinkled with prompts for positive declarations and #Truthbombs, the weekly spread also has space for your Core Desired Feelings, daily to-do’s, and a list of 3 Things so you can get your most important to-dos done. This planner also has an End of Week Check-in with unique Soul Prompts from Danielle and space for reflecting on life as you move through it week by week.

When you’re clear on how you want to feel, decisions come to you more easily, you’ll know when to say “No” and when to say “Hell, YES!” And then you can put it in writing. That’s what this planner does for me.

You can buy yours today and start planning the life you’ve always wanted.


OMTimes Media, Inc. Unveils Its Seminar and Workshop Platform Spotlighting Its Best Experts in the Fields of Alternative Healing – Press Release

OMTimes Media, Inc. Unveils Its Seminar and Workshop Platform Spotlighting Its Best Experts in the Fields of Alternative Healing


ASHEVILLE, North Carolina, U.S., August 22, 2016 — OMTimes Media, Inc. releases today its unique platform designed to cater to our world’s ever-growing and consciously oriented audience. OMTimes Experts Online Learning brings the unique opportunity for the public to be in direct contact and interact with its assembly of OMTimes writers and experts.

The Best Experts from the Holistic, Alternative Healing and Conscious Lifestyle now in one place to help you change your life. (Tonya Melendez, bottom, left) 


OMTimes Media, Inc. holds a strategic position as a key influencer on conscious broadcasting culture, through the development of its online weekly OMTimes Magazine, and the reliable OMTimes Conscious Radio Network. The group of OMTimes Experts provides unprecedented access to the most successful industry professionals within the American conscious publishing’s most dynamic segment via its independent and alternative content broadcasting. For this endeavor, OMTimes aligns its Experts with the know-how of Learn It Live™ to tailor an exclusive stage, and expand the conscious lifestyle culture into a place of prominence and international exposure. “We are proud to mastermind this platform, as all our experts are authorities in their fields, and have indisputable reputations. These are exciting times in OMTimes’ history; as we grow more and more as a niche, we are changing the entire culture, co-creating more directly with our audience,” said President & CEO, Christopher Buck.  The OMTimes Experts Online Learning platform is a “hands-on project,” in partnership with 43 of its experts to bring an accessible and user-friendly platform that will allow our audience to experience and acquire skills that would serve them personally throughout their lives. “Our goal is to facilitate education, interaction, along with the access to professional advice and consulting. Our goals are always centered on service to others,” says Christopher Buck.  The lineup of OMTimes Experts Online Learning consists of professionals who are known specialists in the fields of Meditation, Mindfulness, Conscious Lifestyle, Relationships, Akashic Records, Angel Therapies, Spiritual Counseling, Self-Growth and Empowerment, Spirituality, Music and Sound Healing, Alternative Healing and Shamanism, Conscious Business, Astrology, and Extra-Sensory abilities. We are proud to present our OMTimes Experts stars:  Tracey Ash, Michelle Barr, Lisa Berry, Kathy Biehl, Losita Bhattacharya, Marilyn Bradford, Shefali Burns, Charbi, Regina Chouza, Maggie Chula, Melanie Collins, Narveen Dosanjh, Michelle Dwyer, Kevin Ross Emery, Allayah Frisch, Julie Geigle, Monika Goyal, Sylvia Henderson, Pamela Houghteling, Jill M. Jackson, Kara Johnstad, Michele Landers, Marc Lainhart, Jill Lebeau, Martha Lee, Veronica Lee, Ahtayaa Leigh, Neeta Maharaj, Donna Martuge, Jill Mattson, Tonya Melendez, Simone Milasas, Beverly Neal-Clinton, Heather O’Neill, Debbie Peluso, Lisa Phoenix, Sharon Pugh, Anne Mari Ramsdal, Sandra Rea, Carrie Turcotte, Teri Van Horn, Belinda Womack.

About OMTimes Experts Online Learning Platform  OMTimes Experts Online Learning is the largest entrepreneurial consciously oriented platform, with global connectivity attracting hundreds of individuals pursuing the coaching and expertise that will give them the edge and insight to be able to use their spiritual gifts skillfully. OMTimes Experts include 43 reputable teachers that are part of the various OMTimes Media endeavors. For more information, visit: http://experts.omtimes.com/

About OMTimes Media Inc. OMTimes Media Inc., is a 502 legal corporation, part of Humanity Healing International, a global, non-profit, non-political, and non-religious organization dedicated to fostering changes in communities with little or no hope. OMTimes Media is the world’s largest media organization specially tailored to the conscious, spiritual, and mindful communities; visit: http://OMtimes.com   OMTimes Media, Inc. Unveils Its Seminar and Workshop Platform Spotlighting Its Best Experts in the Fields of Alternative Healing, Spirituality, and Conscious Lifestyles   

Dream. Believe. Manifest.

Today is my “Official” 1 year anniversary of not drinking. I can say sobriety, but its a label & I don’t do labels. Plus, “sober” means composed, collected and not intoxicated. The word ‘toxic’ means poison and that is what I gave up, drinking poison. See, I asked to be more of myself as an Intuitive, Spiritual Teacher, Healer, Minister, Medium & Author. Since I asked, my inner guru answered. “Choose Again” responded the something within me that had gotten stronger, bolder & louder. I knew then what I know now, love heals everything. It took me getter clean to get clear.

Today is a rebirth, a phoenix arising from darkness into BRILLIANT Light! My mind is Moon stained with awe & wonder because I can see clearly now. My Spirit is passionately engaged with my mission as I continue to evolve in order to best serve myself, the world & YOU Beloveds.


“Choose Again” meant everyday I decided to love myself more than my fears. It meant to look at the what & why behind the “want” and “need” to drink. It meant my body was my temple and I loved it back into strength & vitality. It meant, I got to do what I loved everyday – reading Tarot cards, studying esoteric & ancient wisdom, connecting with people around the world (and Spirits!) as clients, partnerships or friendships all while living in the most beautiful place on Earth. I had to believe I was deserving of this life before this life could emerge from within me. I had to allow my inner guru to lead when I did not know the way. What I discover is this, your DESIRES align you with your Purpose not the other way around. We think of what we need to do when we need to allow who we ARE.

Everyday I am grateful I have allowed my Spirit to guide, guard, protect & provide my every step because I know I could not be an Amazon International Bestselling Author or OmTimes Magazine Expert or Huffington Post blogger or Awesomeness Fest attendee! None of it would be possible if I had no chose again and gave myself a chance.

Today, is that day for YOU, Beloved. This is your sign. Choose Again.

Love & Light,


Dream. Believe. Manifest.

It has been a whirlwind over here since the book came out on Tuesday! The book remains on Amazon’s International Bestsellers List and is still quite shocking to believe, yet I ACCEPT & Bless it!! Remaining open ensures it’s continued excitement & momentum.

Either way, I’ve got to keep on moving!

My long time support & writing OmTimes Magazine has allowed me to partner with them as an Expert on their innovative & NEW online learning platform. “Tarot 2.0” is SO different than other Tarot classes because we will look at Tarot as “Spirit in your pocket” like having your personal Bible or Book of Secrets. I am looking forward to teaching this class and many others soon as more & more are looking to online learning to support their lives, missions & personal development. Join this passionately engaging class of the senses, ancient wisdom, Tarot & Magic!


Sign up HERE before class starts tomorrow 7pm CST.

I have been a lover & user of Aromatherapy for most of my life and was THRILLED when Sue Mazer of Aromatic Earth, created a line for me. “Psychic Scent Chakra Oil Blends” work by awakening your senses to their magic while healing, balancing & blessing YOU! Many years ago after studying the body & the importance of healthy Chakras, (7 vertical energy centers within the body) I developed “InSight Chakra Touch Healing Technique” A way of connecting to the Chakras using light touch to shift & transform the energy.

Here’s the video to take a peek & if you would like to try it yourself the “InSight Chakra Healing Touch Script is available in the Freebie Library under “Freebies” 

If you are interested in purchasing any “Psychic Scent Chakra Oil Blends”click HERE! 

Let me know what you think after trying it a few times & let the Healing begin!!

Are YOU in the “Cycle of Struggle’? Still trying to figure it out so life can really start & you can begin living the life you want instead of the life you have.  Perhaps someone to listen to the “thoughts in your head” without a BIG commitment?

A Soul Session my be just what you need. Bi month support to provide accountability, Spiritual Guidance & Healing in YOUR life, including Finances, Relationships, Work, Love & More!IMG_1587

It may be just what you need to get you back on track BEFORE Mercury goes Retrograde in 10 days!

Check it out Here 




****FYI Applications are NOW available for the “Virtual Psychic Summit – Tarot & Transformation” Oct. 29 – Nov. 2, 2016

A 4 day Worldwide virtual Summit of classes, Healing, Live Readings, Community & MORE! Applications are open now thru 8/31/16.

virtualpsychicsummit_cover_photo copy






Happy Sunday Beloveds!

Love & Light,



International Bestseller in Spirituality! #1 Mover and Shaker! Multiple Hot New Release & Bestseller Lists!!

International Bestseller in Spirituality! #1 Mover and Shaker! Multiple Hot New Release & Bestseller Lists!!

You can FEEL the energy today, the Full Moon in Aquarius brings with it, many surprises. Now, its urging you to move beyond your comfy normal & DO something different. Revive yourself Beloved, is what this power is impressing upon us now. The thing to remember is you will NOT have another chance, this time you MUST act. “Love rewards the brave” is this Moon’s theme.  

As I am writing this, it still hasn’t HIT me yet the ENORMITY of having a #2 BestSelling book on Amazon as a New Release (we made a list there too!) I cannot take all the credit but I know each of us 38 who contributed to the “Opening with Gratitude & Grace” shared our Soul with the space we had so I am proud to be amongst such inspirational women. It has been a DREAM Come True to have a published book, but this is the icing on the CAKE! When I think to back when I began this “journey”  I saw what I see now. 

My desire to be a Writer came before I connected to my intuitive Spiritual Teacher Healer Self so having this experience feels surreal. I could not have written a better experience than every step I took to get here. It has been my devoted faith in myself, my mission & message that keeps me inspired regardless how things appear on the outside. 

I offer YOU this Prayer/Affirmation for today’s Full Moon.

“On this clean slate let my True Purpose be written for me.” 

On Monday, I begin Tarot 2.0  “7 Day Self Mastery Challenge” in partnership with OmTimes Magazine this innovative class will guide you to using Tarot as a Daily Personal Guidance Tool instead of  only fortune telling connect to your Spirit in a way that keeps you inspired by your inner guru. Through the rich symbology, numerology & mystery, Tarot is a Key to another set of Ancient Wisdom Teachings we are still uncovering.

Join in if you’ve ever wanted to know the more spiritual side of Tarot. (click the link for more info!) 

As the Revamp continues on my website, I am happy with its new Look, Offerings & Freebie Library. Moon Insight Spread is available under Freebies!! (Pic below)

I’ve also  added “Healing Services” because it was time I step into the role of Healer as I have been doing “on the side” for some time now,  I have included new offerings that include:

ShaWoman Healing 70min.

Years of study in combination with all I know intuitively, I offer these unique Healing Sessions.

  • Aura, Energy & Crystal Healing
  • ChakraScriptions
  • JuJu Magic Rituals & Incantations for Health, Wealth, Love & more!

Below is something like the kind of Tarot Spreads we will use in the “Self Mastery Challenge”

Moon InSight Spread

Try this one tonight & let me know what you think.  

September is set to bring lots of EVOLUTION as we shift into a deeper understanding of life and ourselves. Over Labor Day weekend, I am offering something Different & SPECIAL just for YOU!

“Savvy, Sexy Spiritual Level 1 Virtual Retreat” will be a weekend paced with New Moon Solar Eclipse energy we can use to manifest our deepest DESIRES!

As a NEW Desire Map Facilitator, I was THRILLED when Oprah announced Danielle LaPorte (Author of “The Desire Map”)  as one her Top 100 Spiritual People!! Come see what the buzz is about in this passionately engaged weekend of Self love, care & Discovery! We will Desire Map, practice JuJu Magic, connect our inner guru, increase your intuitive development & experience MIRACLES all from the comfort of your couch/sanctuary/hotel room/haven! 

“To have something different you have to try something different.” 

I am offering a discount of over $200 off & payment options if you sign up now thru 8.22.16  

 Don’t forget there will be BONUSES,

 including a copy of my book & MORE!!

For more info or to book your spot, Click HERE


I know things for me are about to SKYROCKET & I am giddy with excitement for some the upcoming things I will offer to YOU! Enjoy your Full Moon & MANIFEST some MAGIC! 


You can get your of “Opening with Gratitude & Grace” HERE

Be sure to share your favorite stories with me! 


Join me Wednesdays @11AM CST “TunedIn with Tonya” Radio Show

Thank you for your love, support & blessings.

Love & Light,