A Journey

Life started me off early, yet I did not bloom until later. 

As a child, my sleepwalking episodes led me to know things the adults around me couldn’t explain. It was the same sense of “knowing” that led me around the world, untethered, unrestricted and unleashed. 

I discovered things about myself I could have never known had I not left the US. Outside of its colonized confines, a woman was revealed. The Black woman from within came to life in ways that were inconceivable, my mind & body conditioned to believe only in the limits. 

In Ukraine, I was exotic. 

In Spain, I was American. 

In Mexico, I am Tonya Renee. 

Becoming myself outside of the place I was born made me feel untethered to it. At 44, after living in Madrid, Miami, Marbella and now Mexico, I knew I wanted a bigger, brighter and bolder life. 

Growing up in sweet home Chicago, the place my “passing” great grandmother and Mexican great grandfather made over over 90 years ago left an imprint yet it didn’t feel home. I have only one picture of them with very little details about their lives before, his lack of English and her wickedly witty tongue made them easily, my favorites but with no history, this lineage has disappeared. I treasured visiting their house on the hill, where she taught me to play croquet on her well manicured grass and he served me Menudo. 

The ties I have to the sacred land of Mexico goes deeper than them, it goes to the darkest part of the sea, the Middle Passage. 

Through visions, dreams and Regressions, I have been able to see myself drown in more than one past life, I can recall about 7-8. It is the energy of the mountains, oceans, sunshine and so many shades of brown skin that have reawakened the past lifetimes. 

What I remember is sliding my weakened wrists from the heavy metal, fearfully making my way up to the deck. The Moon light so bright it burned my eyes like it was the Sun, but all I could make out was dark, deep water surrounding me, ready to swallow us all. I knew this was my only moment to escape to freedom. Hot tears burned down my cheeks as I inched closer to the edge, knowing my fate could change instantly. The prayer was still stuck in my throat, when booted footsteps began coming my way and I jumped overboard. The salted water burned my skin as the cold darkness pulled me under. 

“The bubbles are chasing me!” is what I would wake up screaming, running from death as a sleepwalking child. 

Had I not followed my intuition to quit my job as a School Librarian, I may have never known this side of myself, done this work, lived around the world or committed to Spirituality as lifestyle,  not only a practice. 

They say the body regenerates itself every seven years and cats have 9 lives. When I left the US, I also left the me that used to drink, the me that used to take risks because I didn’t believe or trust myself, the me that was slowly killing me. 

In return, I have learned, failed, discovered, destroyed and healed. The journey to joy has not been easy, but worth it. 

I invite you to discover more you through these stories, may these words inspire & ignite your intuition.

As featured on Pop Sugar!

“Identifying myself as an Afro-Latina came after years of self-awareness, love, and forgiveness. Being bullied for being ‘light-skinned’ by Black girls and being teased for not speaking Spanish by Latinx folks made me feel like I didn’t ‘fit in’ anywhere,” she said. “I felt like an imposter in Black and Latina spaces until I embraced both within myself. My mixed heritage has been something I’ve both loved and hated. [Being told I was] not enough Latina or Black gave me a sense I wasn’t accepted by either.”

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Dear Woo Woo World,

An open letter to the non BIPOC Woo Woo & Spirituality communities

Hey Woo Woo world, 

Before crystal wearing was cool, attending exclusive retreats with a high priestess was enlightening and performing moon rituals was fun, Black Women “Seers”, now officially known as Psychics, have been quietly, often in secret, holding down spiritual practices for generations.

Within the last 5 years, Spirituality, in particular, Woo Woo, seen as anything from witchcraft to Tarot cards, has surged amongst women. 

As more become empowered with gender + sexual equality and wellness + self directed spiritual practices, the ever present stain of racism must be addressed. 

Our now billion dollar industry was built on the demonization of African Spirituality, particularly the dark skinned evil-eyed “Magic Woman” stereotype that for centuries has perpetrated our communities. 

As an example, The Oracle, of the Matrix trilogy, an all seeing middle age vice ridden black woman, who not only guides each character’s destiny, but offers insights for the very survival of their civilization is feared + seen as a dangerous woman. 

More recently, the stereotype’s been depicted in “American Horror Story- The Coven” as a mean streaked, baby snatching Madame Marie Laveau. Her deadly + dark Voo Doo magic was frightening to even the Supreme Witch, portrayed as a elegant, classy white woman. 

As a black woman Psychic Medium from the United States living abroad in Mexico, I’ve been called everything from an angel to the devil. Although I was Voted #3 Psychic Medium in the World, there was no media coverage nor interest in my journey of being a coffee shop Tarot Reader to YouTube Personality to International TV Star story. 

While facing months of rejection, the Long Island Medium was having a wildly popular + high publicity reality show. 

And then the truth finally dawned on me, a black woman Psychic is intriguing, yet dangerous. 

How can the art + ritual practices of the African diaspora been seen as dark while Woo Woo is seen as love + light? 

How can what was once illegal for BIPOC to practice now, not only be acceptable, but readily available at the local mall? 

Where’s the distinction? 

It is not only cultural + spiritual appropriation, it’s monetization of reverence + sacred acts. 

It appears as though every indigenous culture has been included in modern Woo Woo practices, which continue to flourish, while the very people they originate from falter under financial hardship + economic instability. 

Beyoncé’s recent single, “Black Parade”, claps back at stereotypes with, “Don’t I smell like nag champa incense”, referring to a comment made on the red carpet. 

She also pays homage to her African Spirituality in several lyrics about Oshun, Ogun & Yemaya of the Yoruban pantheon, which some may consider Hoo Doo. 

What makes Woo Woo acceptable + Hoo Doo unacceptable? 

Modern Divination Tools

The now classic, “Brujas” by Princess Nokia, declares, 

“I ain’t no Queen of the night! 

I’m a Bruja! I’m a Bruja! 

I’ma dress in all white.” 

A powerful message against the black woman psychic’s connection to the sexual underworld.

Cuban songstress, Dayme Arocena, eloquently praises her deep ancestral spiritual practices with songs to Oya, Oshun & Yemaya. 

The rise of African Spirituality, homage to ancestors + natural healing is being ignored while simultaneously being exploited. 

The ostracization of black women psychics from the Woo Woo world clearly demonstrates the injustices of systematic racism with the realm of Spirituality, including its communities, healing modalities, publishing & media outlets, merchandising and more. 

This act of Spiritual Bypassing is consciously choosing to overlook or subtly ignore these powerful truths. 

This open letter is to shed light on the often overlooked contributions black women, especially those with psychic and/or healing gifts, have made in the Woo Woo world. 


Tonya Gonzalez 

Book coming soon!

Voted #3 Psychic Medium in the World 

International Psychic Challenge Season 11,

2012 STB Channel Kiev, Ukraine


Over the years I have had the pleasure of using my gifts as a psychic medium & spiritual counselor with people from all over the world whose work ranges from retired FBI agents to Marketing VP’s yet it is writers who have provided the biggest inspiration. When I was a Librarian, I used to dream of being a NYT bestselling author & having a writer circle of friends like during the Harlem Renaissance.More than just my love of books, but the impact of their words regardless of the genre.It is such a blessing to witness the success of another who I’ve supported by doing what I love 💗 Thank you Layla & many blessings on your success!

Words worth GOLD!!

Honoring Semana Santa as a Bruja

“My Semana Santa ritual begins with a fresh bóveda (a special altar for connecting) then refreshing my other altars with new colors, crystal grids, and depending on [the] desired outcome,” she says. “Spiritual baths are essential, with fresh herbs and flowers to celebrate the renewal energy. I also may do a juice fast during this time to have a deeper internal cleanse.”
Read the rest of the article below.


As seen in PopSugar!

Rubies, Roller Skates & Reinvention

For me turning 50 is more than a number or my age it is about the lives I’ve lived,  places I’ve been & friendships made. Rubys are my birthstone and best friend. It’s deep hypnotic glow is the color of the Cancer’s  shell & Leo’s fire,  my cusp personality, that inspires me to keep going even when I fail or fall, knowing forward is the direction I’m heading. 

Like my rollerskates there can be grace when falling or gliding. Connecting to what brings me smiles and giggles (a.k.a. joy)reminds me to cultivate a beginners mind. This recent lesson not only showed up once I laced up my skates, but also in belly dance class too. 

Where does the idea I’m supposed to know how, even though subconsciously I can sense it, come from? 

When did being an adult mean I know everything? 

It is a beginners mind that has been my guide when I decided to become an entrepreneur, quitting my safe job as a Librarian to pursue my inner callings.

I was called crazy and worse for betting on myself instead of getting a 9-to-5. I was deemed the black sheep by my family, shunned by society for sharing my gifts and demonized as a “black magic woman”.  

When I began seeing clients, teaching yoga and waiting tables, dreaming one day to live near the beach & writing like living legend Alice Walker. When I discovered we had mutual friends and acquaintances I nearly fainted.

In college, I was gifted the opportunity to hear a talk and later share a smoke with Nikki Giovanni, not knowing the impact and influence she would have in my life as a writer and a black woman. Although my biggest dream is to be a New York Times best-selling author, it wasn’t until I was alcohol free that the writer within could emerge. I’ve had some amazing opportunities to share my writing in magazines all over the world yet it the Book that calls me. 

I invite you on this sacred journey of my chariot year in the tarot growth cycle and what I’ve deemed my Ruby year as I write. 

So far in the month I’ve been 50, authenticity, boundaries and creativity (my ABC’s) have been my guiding words anchoring me to the present and beginners mind.

What words have been anchors in your life recently? 

Tune in. Turn on. 

Are you a Tarotista?

In 2012, I competed in the International Psychic Challenge & was voted #3 Psychic Medium in the world on European TV. I share this because as a black woman, I was once afraid to share my natural gifts for fear of what others might say or do. Remembering the black women psychics that have come before me like Tituba, Madame Marie Lavaeu, Ms. Cleo & Pamela Coleman Smith, who each endured some type of persecution because of their intuitive superpowers, I feared the same ridicule. Before that I played it safe as a Librarian yet the call to serve, share & shine was too strong🤓

For the last decade I’ve supported bestselling authors, entrepreneurs, VP’s & more with intuitive guidance & Tarot Readings yet now more than ever, I’m empowering women to embrace Tarot as a tool of self discovery. 

Why now? 

As more women return to themselves, their ancestral wisdom and intuition, Tarot is a bridge between the inner landscape & outer reflection. 

The Empowered Tarotista is a yearlong journey with Tarot for you to develop;

⁃Cultivated daily spiritual practice 

⁃Powerful intuition through breathwork, meditative practices & energy healing techniques. 

⁃Learn how to use 2 decks to connect the inner and outer selves + more! 

Who is a Tarotista? 

A dynamic, determined & driven woman who lives life on her terms. She welcomes the healer within to guide & provide her next steps while recognizing her self assurance comes from her cultivated spiritual practice. 

She knows Tarot is a tool that expands her self awareness while increasing her connection to the Divine. 

A Tarotista trusts herself & her intuition to empower her life.

A few Membership Benefits include:

⁃2021 Tarotista profile (growth, soul cycle + annual forecast)

    ⁃  Learn how to create your  personal Tarotista Profile 

⁃Monthly Full moon gathering 

⁃Birthday reading + 2x 30 minute Empowered Tarot Sessions & more! 

Join me on this 2021 sacred of self discovery to empower your life, biz & dreams🔮 

P.S. 2021 is a 5 numerology year of personal freedom & forward movement, what steps are you taking to empower this on your journey? 

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Shifting & Lifting…

A moment of zen

2020 has been the year of immense changes, challenges and choices. The world as we knew it will never be the same.

Over the last decade, spirituality, entrepreneurship and work life have evolved into something extraordinary. More of us are working from home, with increased diversity & inclusivity initiatives, have changed the way we live.

In effort to support and serve the growing influence of heart based, women run Spiritual businesses, we are cultivating Brown Girls Who Coach. A thriving community, dynamic membership & sister circle for those who coach, counsel or support others as Healers, Coaches, Readers or small business solopreneurs.

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Rise Queen Rise!

It has been quite a first half of the year for women. All over the globe, women’s voices have been rising. The #MeToo and #TimesUp movements have provided much fuel to the fire for sexual harassment & abuse, inequality and the pay gap. Yet with all the talk, policies and politics the movement is slow, separated and stagnant. Life continues as it always has until the next time.  The energetic, emotional triggers created have left many women anxious, angry and aggravated. Is this you? 

Never before in history have women made the their mark like this year. From the historical vote to keep to keep a predator out of office to Cardi B.’s money moves. As women we are rising out of the old paradigm and into a new one. Do you feel it? 

Come spend some time and discover how to embody, embrace and empower the Queen rising within.

The “Rise Queen Rise” 6 week Intensive will uncover ways to advance you towards your deepest desires while healing your Soul. This Sacred Summer School  is for ALL women. We are each, individually and collectively, Sisters in Spirit and Healers, it is time to bring Light to the uncharted territory within and around us. 

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Over 6 weeks you will learn to embody the divine feminine, embrace your unique essence and empower the Queen within. 
Beginning with our mantra, 
“I am a Sacred, Sensuous and Successful Woman”  

Overview of Intensive

Over 6 weeks we will:

  • Discover the 12 Divine Feminine Archetypes
  • The Sacred Cycles of the Moon
  • Reveal the 8 Sacred Money Archetypes 
  • Examine and explore the Chakras that affect women the most!
  • Rewrite & Heal your Money Story
  • Uncover your Intuitive Intelligence
  • Learn Tarot as a self directed spiritual practice
  • Past Lives and Present Experiences 
  • Yoga and Breath work 
  • Daily spiritual practice & activities
  • + MORE! 

Weekly Meetings
–  Mentoring Call 
–  Womb Wizdom – Healing the Sacred Self
–  Prayer/Healing Circle
Bi Weekly
–  Diversity Discussions 
–  Moon Meditation Gatherings 

Discover More You! 

Testimonial May 15, 2018
Anna M. 

“About 6 months ago I was in a struggle and asked for help. The joy, that spark, the wonderful relationship with my partner and my children felt lost.
I joined the S.H.E inner circle with Tonya Gonzalez and continued with Be Your Own Oracle.
I am blessed and I am healed but I had to let it all go away, relationship was almost ended with my love and I accepted that I once again would be alone. But the joy, that spark, the trust and inner strength came back and I am happy again.
My relationship is full of love now and the communication is better and also with my two children 16 and 19. It started with the approval of myself and who I am.

I love myself and my new rituals are dancing, crystals, makeup, new clothes, tarot cards, my work as a massage therapist that allows me to heal people in pain.

Thank you for guiding me on my Journey. 🙏🏼
Love you
The distance between Sweden and Mexico feels so close.”


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You Get What You Ask For.

Earlier this year, like millions I set out to make 2018 a better year than the last. One of my BIGGEST intentions was to begin doing Speaking engagements and Live events including hosting a Spiritual Retreat, to REALLY connect with you, my students, clients and friends. Well, you get what you ask for!!! 

As many of you know, I have had Kimra Luna as a private client for over 3 + years. Her work has been featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur and countless others outlets around the world. Her work supporting women create their own businesses using their Brand is award winning. Kimra, has also served as my mentor and helped me chance my business from per Session to serving the world.

How BLESSED I am now to be a FEATURED Speaker in her upcoming LIVE NYC event alongside other AMAZING, Powerhouse Entrepreneurs including Nadia Finer, Wendy Porter and Elsa Issac. WOW!!! I will be sharing Meditation, Tarot Readings and Energy Healing for the 2 Day Event! 

What are you ready to Ask For Beloved. Now is the Perfect time as the Moon grows full. Setting intentions is a magical experience when harnessed with the Moon’s Glow. 

Be sure to stay connected for updates for my Private NYC event, Freebies and upcoming Workshops/Webinars. Check out the most recent posts to Sign Up NOW! 

Blessed Be! 

The Wild, Woman Writer Within.

Writing has always been  my BIGGEST dream and deepest passion. It took years for me to unravel all the perceptions of why I could not do before I finally allowed myself to do it. Having my first co-authored book become an Amazon International Bestseller, “Opening with Grace & Gratitude” available below,  opened my eyes to the gifts I have the thing is allowing it to be shared.  I once wrote a poem called, “Now I know Why Writer’s Drink.” ( I will find it and share soon!) 

The second co- authored book also became a Bestseller. That officially makes me a Bestselling Author. One of my WILDEST dreams come true. 


It’s such an interesting thing to witness your growth through your own “wisdomed” words. So liberating to  to let them slip out of you for the world to see. It has been a journey worthy of unfolding, unearthing parts of me that had laid dormant. I am honored to share my latest wild, wise woman words with you via Patreon. CLICK HERE to VISIT and JOIN! 

Ready to Re-write your Money Story?

Ready to embrace the “Worthy & Wealthy” within?

Come discover your Sacred Money Archetype, heal the blocks within that stop the flow of your finances and create practices that manifest Money Magic.

We will discuss the 8 Sacred Money Archetypes that define how we relate to money and ourselves + much more! Worthy + Wealthy . Webinar.PNG

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I hope to see you there as we share, heal and rewrite our money stories to make Money Magic.




Is old energy draining you?

Did you know it takes 11 days to create a new habit and
22 to turn that into a behavior?

Creating new patterns is the most important element of healing. Each day provides another opportunity to practice and pray.

You are not here by accident Beloved. I am so happy you made it.

You are here by a series of events and experiences that have left you feeling drained and exhausted.

Well no more!

All repetitive patterns and behaviors that sabotage or delay your deepest desires will be examined and healed once and for all!

This is only the beginning of your healing journey. This Self Directed Cleanse serves as a Guide, Prayer Book and Sacred Practice.

It is my promise that by the end of this Cleanse, you will feel like a new Person. 

Lighter + Brighter! Happy + Healed! 

For 22 days, learn sacred, spiritual practices while I serve as your Guide, Support and Mentor. I am expecting miracles Beloved!


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Design 2
Testimonial May 15, 2018
Anna M. “About 6 months ago I was in a struggle and asked for help. The joy, that spark, the wonderful relationship with my partner and my children felt lost.
I joined the S.H.E inner circle with Tonya Gonzalez and continued with Be Your Own Oracle.
I am blessed and I am healed but I had to let it all go away, relationship was almost ended with my love and I accepted that I once again would be alone. But the joy, that spark, the trust and inner strength came back and I am happy again.
My relationship is full of love now and the communication is better and also with my two children 16 and 19. It started with the approval of myself and who I am.

I love myself and my new rituals are dancing, crystals, makeup, new clothes, tarot cards, my work as a massage therapist that allows me to heal people in pain.

Thank you for guiding me on my Journey. 🙏🏼
Love you
The distance between Sweden and Mexico feels so close.”





Time of Rebirth

March is a time when the first thaw reminds of the approaching Spring. It is a magical time of Rebirth, Restoration and Regeneration. Like Ostara/Easter it is a celebration of growth, abundance and evolution.

Design 2

To ensure Healing is available to support this time of Personal Transformation, I have a few NEW Offerings, click the link below for further details.

3/17/18 FREE Book Club – “Women Who Run With the Wolves”

3/19/18 S.H.E. Magic Jars Webinar

3/20/18 Spring Equinox – Divination Board Webinar

3/21/18 “Be Your Own Oracle” Course begins.

3/31/18 22 Day S.H.E. Cleanse Begins.

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