Client Love!

2016 – 2019 

Canada, Intuitive Artist, Prem N.

           “My husband and I filed for his Permanent Residency visa so he could join me here in Canada. That was 14 months ago, and around October 2015, I really felt like I had reached my limit of patience and so had my husband. I felt like I was going crazy, because I was going to work, having a crap day at work and then coming home and just doing nothing but think about “When is my husband getting here, my life sucks”. I was desperately crying out for help and spiritual guidance. 

I found Tonya through Periscope and was inspired to have a session with her. After one 30 minute Tarot session, Tonya inspired me to take up my art again. This helped me get super busy and made me realize what my true life passion is. Since then I’ve been diligently working towards become an artist superstar and when I look back from now to October 2015, I’m really proud of myself of the huge steps I’ve taken to becoming a renowned artist. In February 2016 I still hadn’t heard from the Canadian government about my husband’s visa, and I asked Tonya to provide me guidance from spirit as to when he will be here. She said all will be sorted by the end of March 2016. She also gave me advice on letting go and it really put things into perspective for me. So, I let go and let God. At that time I had requested for information from the government and they said that nothing had been done. I kept on letting go and didn’t attach any meaning to it. 

Pretty soon after wards, things started to move along and it’s March 17th 2016 today and my husband just received his passport with the Permanent Residency visa on it. Tonya was right, and so much more: I have a strong sense of direction as to what my career will look like within the next 1 year and 5 years time, I am an independent woman who needs her husband but doesn’t need to lean on him in a dependent way, and all of the past issues I’ve had about worthiness and confidence is all gone. I’m a new woman, and there’s not enough thanks I can give to Tonya for that. 

Tonya’s spiritual guidance is clear and pure and her support through one-on-one coaching is phenomenal. I would recommend anyone to work with Tonya. 

USA, Entrepreneur, Simone C.

    “I started following Tonya on Periscope back in October , after a short time I told myself I WILL connect with this awesome lady!! I started a month of personal sessions with Tonya and now I am into my second month and my husband is starting as well! That is how life changing it is. In just a few weeks I was able to move past fear, to realize my life purpose. Relationships in my life have been healed, I have my voice again and strength that I thought were long gone. Tonya is the real deal!! Her love reaches into the depth of your soul, she knows more about you and your situations than you do lol. Tonya is a light shining in this dark world , telling others to come join her and guiding the way. I know myself and my family will forever be so grateful that her love, wisdom, and guidance came into our lives right when we needed it. Thank you so much Tonya!”

USA, Entrepreneur, Shawna M. 

  “I want to give a massive Love shout-out and THANK YOU to Tonya Melendez. I had been struggling with some emotional pain and energy blocks since I was little girl, that were showing up in my finances and relationships. When I first saw Tonya, I knew I had to work with her. It has been hands down the BEST investment in my personal and professional development. She is a beacon of powerful, clear light in this world. In our sessions together, that Light she IS, shows me myself clearly. And in seeing myself clearly, there’s clear insight and profound healing that takes place. And to boot, she’s psychic! So she’s able to tune into and get right to the heart of the matter. After just 4 weeks of working with her, 35 years worth of healing has happened. My finances have increased even more. My relationships are healing. I’m walking burden free in my Spirit in a way that I wasn’t before. I’m eternally grateful to Tonya for her loving support.”


Alaska, Real Estate, J. Weaver

        “Tonya, thank you so much for sharing your insight & talents with me today during our X-ray Vision session! You helped me recognize & validate things I’ve experienced in my life. I feel more open to finding connection with my spirituality. As well as embracing my true self, my authentic self by creating a new story! Blessings!!” 


USA, Nurse, Emily R.

      “AngelSpeak” was so powerfully moving, I was in tears today!! Thank you so much Tonya for giving your time and energy to helping my greater good be better understood. I got the confirmation I needed today and I CANNOT WAIT FOR NEXT WEEK’S SESSION!! I will be working on the exercises you gave me for this week. I truly appreciate all that you do. Thank you!”

2014- 2016

USA, Seeker, Patricia S.

“I listened to Tonya and Ron for a year before actually booking my first appointment. When I talked to Tonya, I immediately felt a connection, almost like she was family. I knew immediately that the session was going to jump start something in my life. 

She accurately predicted a relationship, down to the name of the man and the color of his eyes and hair. She also predicted when I would come off of my job, six months prior to it actually happening, but at the time, it was so far fetched as I worked way to hard to get to my position at the company to ever even think about leaving. Well, that month, an event happened and I was able to leave my job, just as she predicted. 

I recently called on Tonya to counsel my neice, who is an Indigo child that has the gift of mediumshipand psychic abilities, and has been struggling with understanding what and why she sees and hears things. After talking with Tonya, she is not only not scared anymore, but she is embracing her gift and is excited about how to use it to help people. Tonya has an amazing gift, and  she is true friend.

I love you, Tonya! Light and Love to you, and I thank God for your gifts!”

2013 – 2010

USA, Deb Frueh,Your Psychic Destiny Coach     
  “I am so honored to have met Tonya and have her read for me. She has a deep well of Spirit that seems to have no bottom. Her knowledge, experience and incredible compassion underscore her words. When I was at my lowest, Tonya reached into the well and brought the only words that I would have been able to hear – she was practical, yet loving…clear and kind.  Our struggles can only be solved by us, but with loving insight from Tonya, the experience will be quicker and less painful – and you will achieve the greatest outcome for all involved.  And then you can soar!”
USA, Makeup Artist, Amanda
    “Tonya has been a true and strong guiding force in my life. Since the first time I had contact with her two years ago I have remarkably turned my life around.  She has always been accurate with her readings, but more importantly she does an astounding job at giving new perspective and giving guidance on how to understand the messages and gifts we receive. Understanding the messages wereceive, as well as really tuning into the messages we receive everyday is a real gift that Tonya has helped me with. Over the past two years I have really come to see myself and life in a whole new light, this has led to a complete transformation where I am now living the life and on the path to achieving the things I deserve! Tonya is my confidant, friend, teacher and mentor. I am truly blessed to have her a part of my life.”
USA, Professional, Ludy
  “Hi Tonya,  I wanted to send you this email to thank you for the blessings you’ve brought into my life. About two years ago I began I begin studying under you.  I remember my first session I was very timid and not sure what to expect.  You made me feel at ease and I connected with you right away and yes there was some tears shedding but I loved every moment we shared together.  You helped me to release my fears and blockages that were keeping me from achieving my goals and heart’s desire.  Two years later I’ve accomplished so much I am actually reading working on my medium ship and this is all thanks to you.  I throw your name around everywhere I go because I know how gifted you are.  Not only did you help me develop during the classes but your readings are always on point.  I know when I need guidance you will give me exactly what I need.  I am so grateful to have you as a teacher and to also call you a great friend.


USA/Ukraine, Student, Nadiya       


Tonya Melendez is an extraordinary spiritual guide, medium, and the greatest support! She has a natural gift for working with people and change their lives for the better! I cannot to begin to say how grateful and blessed I am to have found Tonya. More than six months ago I was barely surviving after a break of a long term relationships. After a life-changing Tarot reading with Tonya, she helped me to cope with my emotions after the breakup. She listens your concerns with an extraordinary ability and makes you feel comfortable to talk about your problems. She has a unique way to get to the root of the problem that you came in for.  Also, I would strongly suggest to others to try Tonya’s spiritual classes; they are beneficial, with a purpose being to find purpose and meaning in life!Thank you Angels for brining this inspirational friend into my life!

USA, Retired FBI, Larry
       “Dear Tonya,  I want to thank you for the experience that I had, with you as my coach.  I had four hour long sessions suring this past summer. 8 looked forward to my skype sessions with you. Every week you went over different concepts about feelings, perceptions, intuition,  and jusr generally discussed what was going on in my life. What and or how things affected me. We spoke about my concerns for the future and how I really need to live in the moment more. You helped me see and understanding that I had some unresolved issues from deep in my past. 
You qere easy to talk to and you weren’t judgemental about anything I told you. I think,  thanks to you, in part, I feel like I have some vwry good things coming up for me, starting with a temporary job, in another state, doing something I had only dreamed of.
Thanks and many Blessings to you,”
USA, Healer, Karen
Hello Tonya,   The reading that we had earlier was by far the best reading I ever had so far.  Your confidence and compassion was just amazing and powerful at the same time.  I felt inspired for sure and will put my faith and trust in my angels’ and guides’ hands now.  You are a wonderful woman with pure energy and I can’t thank you well enough, really.
I will keep you posted in the near future!” 

USA, Retail, Patricia 

“Tonya is always spot on, compassionate and insightful. The symbolism used in Tarot might seen obvious but it is fairly unique. One woman’s High Priestess card could mean something completely different to another. I appreciate Tonya’s guidance and expertise in clarifying what the cards mean for me.”

USA, Anonymous,  4/10/10

“Hi Tonya,  I’m good, I feel better since talking with you. Thank you again so much. I really have been stressed lately and it eased my mind getting some answers from you. I know I need to continue to be patient, happy and upbeat and that everything happens for a reason. It’s just hard to continually stay positive sometimes. I started my design volunteering yesterday so I think that’s a good positive step forward. I went to borders and bought the book Messages From Your Angels: What Your Angels Want You To Know By Doreen Virtue. I’m excited to start reading it. Thank you for suggesting those books to me. You have a real talent and I’m so glad I have been able to have readings done by you. I wish you alot of success with your book!! I’m glad you received the check. Thank you again!”

Tonya Melendez, The Tarot Life Coach

6 responses to “Praise”

  1. Hi Tonya =)

    Absolutely wonderful reading, I’m very skeptical of people, and am absolutely delighted I took a chance on you, you made it worth while. Very accurate =)

    Love and hugs,


  2. Tonya,

    After your reading with me yesteray I feel liberated. I have a new outlook on life. You made me understand my disease and how to overcome it. The exercises that yoy assigned me have already made a positive impact in my life. I know look forward to a happy day everyday fearless. You gave me myself back. Ty I will keep you updated. Godbless.

  3. Thanks Tonya! Your help today was awesome! I listened to the show and did the Miracle walk like you suggested to one of your callers and it totally worked! I can’t believe how fast everything all came together. Thank you so much! You are great at what you do! S.C. Connecticut

  4. I just wanted to let you know that the message for this week has really touched me, it seems like everything you said and explained about fear I have personally experienced it somehow and your advice is so positive and makes you want to Change immediately. Love to hear your videos every week.

  5. Tonya,

    You had given me a reading and told me to go with my dream and that it would happen to me. My dream was to live in beautiful Hawaii. I am here now and get to wake up to a beautiful place everyday. Thank you, Tonya is very right on with what she sees.

  6. Wow this week’s reading is uncanny. Nutrition and especially crystals have been on my mind. I’ll keep you posted regarding all the love and risk taking.

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