I am so grateful you stopped by to check out what I offer & hope I can offer you the support, guidance & healing you seek. Because of my dedication to service I offer Spiritual Counseling, Intuitive Tarot Readings, Healing (what I can “JuJu Magic”) as well as, Mentorship for your Life & Biz & am a Desire Map Facilitator.  I believe in being of service and understand we all have different financial stories so I offer a Tier system. I created a Tier System to share my Offerings to everyone, which means I provide several ways you can chose to work with me.

Tier 1 Offerings (under $100) allows me to support, guide & heal with a energy exchange that is easily affordable. I only offer these to 11 persons per month & have established a “Waiting List” on a first come, first serve basis.

The following are 3 Offerings for under $100

**New Client Spiritual Coaching/Mentoring OR Tarot Coaching 

Years of study & practice of spiritual intuitive guidance & metaphysics, as well as, highly tuned sensory gifts have allowed me the opportunity to develop an in-depth awareness that includes YOUR past lives, ASTROLOGY, NUMEROLOGY, Emotional Intelligence, Spirit Circles, Chakras & MORE!

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**TunedIn Tarot

Get your Tarot Reading without an appointment! I offer only (11) TunedIn Tarot Sessions are offered per month on a first come, first serve basis. Within 72 hours of purchase you will receive an audio recording of your 3 questions or general TuneIn Card Reading. Recordings send via text, email or DropBox so you can listen to your personalized message as often as needed.

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**Spiritual Mind Treatment/Prayer & Blessing

Personalized prayer to heal conditions in the mind. Using a 5 step Prayer system, thisIMG_1602 healing Session is known to make magic in all areas of your life. May be recorded.

Book Your 45 min. Spiritual Mind Treatment/Prayer & Blessing Here


Book one of these Sessions now thru Monday, August 29, 2016 and 10% will be sent to charity to benefit our brothers & sisters in Louisiana & Italy. I believe in love as a commodity yet know they need donations now so I will share my blessing from you and extend it out into the world. I thank you and bless you in advance. Love & Light xo