Hey! I’m an Intuitive Executive Coach, Tarot Expert and The Black Psychic Librarian, living in the sunny shores of Puerto Vallarta!

When not writing on my blog, you can catch me teaching my Imposter to Intuitive Framework or recording a new episode for my podcast, I’m Not Crazy, I’m Clairvoyant!


Tonya Melendez is an award-winning psychic medium who teaches people to harness their intuitive intelligence to empower their lives and lifestyle. A former librarian, Tonya turned her coffee shop tarot readings into a thriving wellness, wisdom, and woo business. 

She’s helped hundreds of clients and students, including best-selling authors Layla Saad (Me & White Supremacy) and Alexis Daria (You Had Me at Hola), entrepreneurs, doctors, and lawyers, and has shown them how to embrace intuition as a superpower through private coaching, teaching, and hosting retreats. 

Tonya has appeared in numerous online publications, including the Walrus and  PopSugar, and international print magazines. She’s shared stages with Chris Winfield, Elsa Isaac, Susie Moore, and others, teaching tarot for  entrepreneurs. She’s hosted Psychic Tarot Readings events at West Elm Dumbo, Chelsea, and the Hamptons. 

Tonya was voted the #3 Psychic Medium in the world by STB TV Channel (Kyiv, Ukraine). A licensed spiritual counselor and certified yoga instructor, she also is the co-founder and hostess of Royal Reset Retreats in her adopted home of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, where she lives with her artist husband and three cats. 


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