Changes can sometimes bring us to the ground on our knees and sometimes changes brings us more joy, happiness, abundance or love than we ever imagined yet change is not always easy. Recently, I’ve had a BIG change that opened my eyes in a way that I CAN  now see clearly. I can see the Truth for what is is and act from a place of acceptance instead of fear.  Who I thought I was and who I am becoming are coming more in sync than ever before, maybe because of my approaching birthday or because I’ve decided to believe in myself in ways i had not done before. Its easy to say I believe in myself, but how does that out picture in reality? It’s when you don’t settle for less from anyone and  allow yourself to be seen and heard without fear of judgment or stares. It’s saying NO to demands of your time and energy to do what YOU choose, it’s being able to stand in faith when everything else seems in shambles, it’s listening to your intuition instead of following, It’s choosing to be around people who bring you up and are doing the same themselves instead of just talking about it or reading a few books, its owning your SH*T regardless and trusting the outcome. So change brings many things but most important it brings YOU back to YOU now how you CHOOSE to see it is up to you beloved and the glass is always full from how I see it. Just a thought…



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