Cycles of Life

Recently, I experienced another death (transition I like to call it) and it changed me. My spiritual path & work as a teacher, healer and psychic medium allows me  to speak to those who’ve crossed over so I’ve had experiences that teach me more than just about the world, but also myself. The changes I’ve experienced since this last death have opened me and my eyes in ways I can’t or couldn’t explain in simple ways.

Life affords us many opportunities to get to know others, but ultimately ways to know ourselves better. Sometimes the time it takes  time to understand life’s lessons through challenges, obstacles or changes bring us to our knees only to bring us to whole other playing field, I’ve heard it said that sometimes the block/bump/blunder is the boost we need to put us in the right direction and this I know to be true.

The most important thing i recognize is it in HOW you choose to look at things, I find myself closing my eyes more and more to hear from my heart instead of my outer eyes. I see with different eyes the pains, fears and troubles around me, the world and keep my steadfastness knowing Who walks beside me now more than ever.  I could complain, judge or condemn yet i chose to see with love because when i was in pain, hurting myself because i didn’t know what else to do I recognize it and remember once upon a time that was me.

I believe we experience many deaths and re-births in our lifetimes, but only if we are aware that in order for something to change we must let go and allow it. I find it fascinating often times people want things in life to change – relationships, finances, life yet are unwilling to change! It’s easier to remain the same, doing the same, and having the same than do something different. We often wish for a magic wand to come and save us, pray to God to help us, and expect another to heal us instead of taking the responsibility to do it for ourselves. This is what a rebirth is, death of the old, outdated and out worn.

In the more than 7 transitions I’ve experienced within the last year and as my birthday approaches, I am dying, The old me; filled with fears, doubts, worries and ‘why me’ is fighting hard to keep me the same yet like the mystical & mythical Phoenix I rise reborn and ready for the next new beginning, the next layer of who I thought I was to be peeled off, and the ME I’ve always wanted to be emerging. Once upon a time I couldn’t have ever imagined she would come to life yet here I COME!!


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  1. beautifulyou are beautiful soul sister xx

    Date: Tue, 7 Jul 2015 11:42:47 +0000 To:

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