International Bestseller in Spirituality! #1 Mover and Shaker! Multiple Hot New Release & Bestseller Lists!!

International Bestseller in Spirituality! #1 Mover and Shaker! Multiple Hot New Release & Bestseller Lists!!

You can FEEL the energy today, the Full Moon in Aquarius brings with it, many surprises. Now, its urging you to move beyond your comfy normal & DO something different. Revive yourself Beloved, is what this power is impressing upon us now. The thing to remember is you will NOT have another chance, this time you MUST act. “Love rewards the brave” is this Moon’s theme.  

As I am writing this, it still hasn’t HIT me yet the ENORMITY of having a #2 BestSelling book on Amazon as a New Release (we made a list there too!) I cannot take all the credit but I know each of us 38 who contributed to the “Opening with Gratitude & Grace” shared our Soul with the space we had so I am proud to be amongst such inspirational women. It has been a DREAM Come True to have a published book, but this is the icing on the CAKE! When I think to back when I began this “journey”  I saw what I see now. 

My desire to be a Writer came before I connected to my intuitive Spiritual Teacher Healer Self so having this experience feels surreal. I could not have written a better experience than every step I took to get here. It has been my devoted faith in myself, my mission & message that keeps me inspired regardless how things appear on the outside. 

I offer YOU this Prayer/Affirmation for today’s Full Moon.

“On this clean slate let my True Purpose be written for me.” 

On Monday, I begin Tarot 2.0  “7 Day Self Mastery Challenge” in partnership with OmTimes Magazine this innovative class will guide you to using Tarot as a Daily Personal Guidance Tool instead of  only fortune telling connect to your Spirit in a way that keeps you inspired by your inner guru. Through the rich symbology, numerology & mystery, Tarot is a Key to another set of Ancient Wisdom Teachings we are still uncovering.

Join in if you’ve ever wanted to know the more spiritual side of Tarot. (click the link for more info!) 

As the Revamp continues on my website, I am happy with its new Look, Offerings & Freebie Library. Moon Insight Spread is available under Freebies!! (Pic below)

I’ve also  added “Healing Services” because it was time I step into the role of Healer as I have been doing “on the side” for some time now,  I have included new offerings that include:

ShaWoman Healing 70min.

Years of study in combination with all I know intuitively, I offer these unique Healing Sessions.

  • Aura, Energy & Crystal Healing
  • ChakraScriptions
  • JuJu Magic Rituals & Incantations for Health, Wealth, Love & more!

Below is something like the kind of Tarot Spreads we will use in the “Self Mastery Challenge”

Moon InSight Spread

Try this one tonight & let me know what you think.  

September is set to bring lots of EVOLUTION as we shift into a deeper understanding of life and ourselves. Over Labor Day weekend, I am offering something Different & SPECIAL just for YOU!

“Savvy, Sexy Spiritual Level 1 Virtual Retreat” will be a weekend paced with New Moon Solar Eclipse energy we can use to manifest our deepest DESIRES!

As a NEW Desire Map Facilitator, I was THRILLED when Oprah announced Danielle LaPorte (Author of “The Desire Map”)  as one her Top 100 Spiritual People!! Come see what the buzz is about in this passionately engaged weekend of Self love, care & Discovery! We will Desire Map, practice JuJu Magic, connect our inner guru, increase your intuitive development & experience MIRACLES all from the comfort of your couch/sanctuary/hotel room/haven! 

“To have something different you have to try something different.” 

I am offering a discount of over $200 off & payment options if you sign up now thru 8.22.16  

 Don’t forget there will be BONUSES,

 including a copy of my book & MORE!!

For more info or to book your spot, Click HERE


I know things for me are about to SKYROCKET & I am giddy with excitement for some the upcoming things I will offer to YOU! Enjoy your Full Moon & MANIFEST some MAGIC! 


You can get your of “Opening with Gratitude & Grace” HERE

Be sure to share your favorite stories with me! 


Join me Wednesdays @11AM CST “TunedIn with Tonya” Radio Show

Thank you for your love, support & blessings.

Love & Light,


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