Dream. Believe. Manifest.

It has been a whirlwind over here since the book came out on Tuesday! The book remains on Amazon’s International Bestsellers List and is still quite shocking to believe, yet I ACCEPT & Bless it!! Remaining open ensures it’s continued excitement & momentum.

Either way, I’ve got to keep on moving!

My long time support & writing OmTimes Magazine has allowed me to partner with them as an Expert on their innovative & NEW online learning platform. “Tarot 2.0” is SO different than other Tarot classes because we will look at Tarot as “Spirit in your pocket” like having your personal Bible or Book of Secrets. I am looking forward to teaching this class and many others soon as more & more are looking to online learning to support their lives, missions & personal development. Join this passionately engaging class of the senses, ancient wisdom, Tarot & Magic!


Sign up HERE before class starts tomorrow 7pm CST.

I have been a lover & user of Aromatherapy for most of my life and was THRILLED when Sue Mazer of Aromatic Earth, created a line for me. “Psychic Scent Chakra Oil Blends” work by awakening your senses to their magic while healing, balancing & blessing YOU! Many years ago after studying the body & the importance of healthy Chakras, (7 vertical energy centers within the body) I developed “InSight Chakra Touch Healing Technique” A way of connecting to the Chakras using light touch to shift & transform the energy.

Here’s the video to take a peek & if you would like to try it yourself the “InSight Chakra Healing Touch Script is available in the Freebie Library under “Freebies” 

If you are interested in purchasing any “Psychic Scent Chakra Oil Blends”click HERE! 

Let me know what you think after trying it a few times & let the Healing begin!!

Are YOU in the “Cycle of Struggle’? Still trying to figure it out so life can really start & you can begin living the life you want instead of the life you have.  Perhaps someone to listen to the “thoughts in your head” without a BIG commitment?

A Soul Session my be just what you need. Bi month support to provide accountability, Spiritual Guidance & Healing in YOUR life, including Finances, Relationships, Work, Love & More!IMG_1587

It may be just what you need to get you back on track BEFORE Mercury goes Retrograde in 10 days!

Check it out Here 




****FYI Applications are NOW available for the “Virtual Psychic Summit – Tarot & Transformation” Oct. 29 – Nov. 2, 2016

A 4 day Worldwide virtual Summit of classes, Healing, Live Readings, Community & MORE! Applications are open now thru 8/31/16.

virtualpsychicsummit_cover_photo copy






Happy Sunday Beloveds!

Love & Light,



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