Dream. Believe. Manifest.

Today is my “Official” 1 year anniversary of not drinking. I can say sobriety, but its a label & I don’t do labels. Plus, “sober” means composed, collected and not intoxicated. The word ‘toxic’ means poison and that is what I gave up, drinking poison. See, I asked to be more of myself as an Intuitive, Spiritual Teacher, Healer, Minister, Medium & Author. Since I asked, my inner guru answered. “Choose Again” responded the something within me that had gotten stronger, bolder & louder. I knew then what I know now, love heals everything. It took me getter clean to get clear.

Today is a rebirth, a phoenix arising from darkness into BRILLIANT Light! My mind is Moon stained with awe & wonder because I can see clearly now. My Spirit is passionately engaged with my mission as I continue to evolve in order to best serve myself, the world & YOU Beloveds.


“Choose Again” meant everyday I decided to love myself more than my fears. It meant to look at the what & why behind the “want” and “need” to drink. It meant my body was my temple and I loved it back into strength & vitality. It meant, I got to do what I loved everyday – reading Tarot cards, studying esoteric & ancient wisdom, connecting with people around the world (and Spirits!) as clients, partnerships or friendships all while living in the most beautiful place on Earth. I had to believe I was deserving of this life before this life could emerge from within me. I had to allow my inner guru to lead when I did not know the way. What I discover is this, your DESIRES align you with your Purpose not the other way around. We think of what we need to do when we need to allow who we ARE.

Everyday I am grateful I have allowed my Spirit to guide, guard, protect & provide my every step because I know I could not be an Amazon International Bestselling Author or OmTimes Magazine Expert or Huffington Post blogger or Awesomeness Fest attendee! None of it would be possible if I had no chose again and gave myself a chance.

Today, is that day for YOU, Beloved. This is your sign. Choose Again.

Love & Light,


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