OMTimes Media, Inc. Unveils Its Seminar and Workshop Platform Spotlighting Its Best Experts in the Fields of Alternative Healing – Press Release

OMTimes Media, Inc. Unveils Its Seminar and Workshop Platform Spotlighting Its Best Experts in the Fields of Alternative Healing


ASHEVILLE, North Carolina, U.S., August 22, 2016 — OMTimes Media, Inc. releases today its unique platform designed to cater to our world’s ever-growing and consciously oriented audience. OMTimes Experts Online Learning brings the unique opportunity for the public to be in direct contact and interact with its assembly of OMTimes writers and experts.

The Best Experts from the Holistic, Alternative Healing and Conscious Lifestyle now in one place to help you change your life. (Tonya Melendez, bottom, left) 


OMTimes Media, Inc. holds a strategic position as a key influencer on conscious broadcasting culture, through the development of its online weekly OMTimes Magazine, and the reliable OMTimes Conscious Radio Network. The group of OMTimes Experts provides unprecedented access to the most successful industry professionals within the American conscious publishing’s most dynamic segment via its independent and alternative content broadcasting. For this endeavor, OMTimes aligns its Experts with the know-how of Learn It Live™ to tailor an exclusive stage, and expand the conscious lifestyle culture into a place of prominence and international exposure. “We are proud to mastermind this platform, as all our experts are authorities in their fields, and have indisputable reputations. These are exciting times in OMTimes’ history; as we grow more and more as a niche, we are changing the entire culture, co-creating more directly with our audience,” said President & CEO, Christopher Buck.  The OMTimes Experts Online Learning platform is a “hands-on project,” in partnership with 43 of its experts to bring an accessible and user-friendly platform that will allow our audience to experience and acquire skills that would serve them personally throughout their lives. “Our goal is to facilitate education, interaction, along with the access to professional advice and consulting. Our goals are always centered on service to others,” says Christopher Buck.  The lineup of OMTimes Experts Online Learning consists of professionals who are known specialists in the fields of Meditation, Mindfulness, Conscious Lifestyle, Relationships, Akashic Records, Angel Therapies, Spiritual Counseling, Self-Growth and Empowerment, Spirituality, Music and Sound Healing, Alternative Healing and Shamanism, Conscious Business, Astrology, and Extra-Sensory abilities. We are proud to present our OMTimes Experts stars:  Tracey Ash, Michelle Barr, Lisa Berry, Kathy Biehl, Losita Bhattacharya, Marilyn Bradford, Shefali Burns, Charbi, Regina Chouza, Maggie Chula, Melanie Collins, Narveen Dosanjh, Michelle Dwyer, Kevin Ross Emery, Allayah Frisch, Julie Geigle, Monika Goyal, Sylvia Henderson, Pamela Houghteling, Jill M. Jackson, Kara Johnstad, Michele Landers, Marc Lainhart, Jill Lebeau, Martha Lee, Veronica Lee, Ahtayaa Leigh, Neeta Maharaj, Donna Martuge, Jill Mattson, Tonya Melendez, Simone Milasas, Beverly Neal-Clinton, Heather O’Neill, Debbie Peluso, Lisa Phoenix, Sharon Pugh, Anne Mari Ramsdal, Sandra Rea, Carrie Turcotte, Teri Van Horn, Belinda Womack.

About OMTimes Experts Online Learning Platform  OMTimes Experts Online Learning is the largest entrepreneurial consciously oriented platform, with global connectivity attracting hundreds of individuals pursuing the coaching and expertise that will give them the edge and insight to be able to use their spiritual gifts skillfully. OMTimes Experts include 43 reputable teachers that are part of the various OMTimes Media endeavors. For more information, visit:

About OMTimes Media Inc. OMTimes Media Inc., is a 502 legal corporation, part of Humanity Healing International, a global, non-profit, non-political, and non-religious organization dedicated to fostering changes in communities with little or no hope. OMTimes Media is the world’s largest media organization specially tailored to the conscious, spiritual, and mindful communities; visit:   OMTimes Media, Inc. Unveils Its Seminar and Workshop Platform Spotlighting Its Best Experts in the Fields of Alternative Healing, Spirituality, and Conscious Lifestyles   

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