Opening with Gratitude & Grace

It has been a few weeks now since my book became an Amazon International Bestseller! My mind still can’t seem to wrap around the fact that not only am published author, in a printed book, being placed in libraries & given as gifts, I am an International Bestselling author. My childhood dream come TRUE! Since I fell in love with books and the library when I was about 9-10 years old, this has been my dream. I thought after being a single mother and all the lessons life taught me that this dream seemed far off. I believed I would self publish a “little” book and that would satisfy my Writer spirit, it did not.

I never gave up, even after being a librarian, European TV Star & #3 Psychic in the World, my DESIRE to write sparkled even under the years of neglect. Β Once I said yes, I am a Writer, the spark turned into a flame & I decided I had to do this NOW! I wrote the damn story, then I wrote for the Huffington Post & now I am a bestselling author. I did not look the way I thought, but I am JUST getting started.

My publisher, Linda Joy, has made this such an AMAZING experience, I can ONLY move onward & upward. Recently, Linda & I chatted about the journey to “Opening with Grace & Gratitude”, via Skype and REALLY got deep about what got me to and through this book with her. We laughed, we cried and we fell more in sistership than EVER! I am so grateful & honored to work with Linda and her idea of collaborative heart-centered business model.

It is with pleasure & joy I can share this video with you on Thursday, Sept. 8th, 2016.

I personally invite you to watch, listen & heal. I cannot wait for you to see how my story, “Naked in Public” was born!! BONUS!! The link below is also for you to access some AMAZING Gifts!

Click here to sign up, receive your gifts & watch my video along with 37 other Brave, Inspired & Visionary women Β


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