“Do what you love, the blessings will follow.”

We live our lives from the outside in instead of the inside out.  Thinking soon as I have everything I need, THEN,  I can work on my healing my _______.

This confusion has created illness, disease, social injustices, unhealthy weight gain & violence. The age we live in has the most STUFF ever! I imagine the simplicity of what our ancient ancestors used to live on while happy, community centered & without money. We can’t go backward to move forward, but we can provide ourselves support & healing to become the person we most want to be.

“Dream. Believe. Manifest. Mastermind ”  is just what you are looking for if:

  1. You are done with the struggle.
  2. You are done being “a little” overweight
  3. You are done being broke.
  4. You are done being single.
  5. You are done________

This isn’t just a study group or a lesson or a book club or a community. It is ALL that and more. It is your haven, your spiritual center, your support group, your Mentor, your Healer, your Teacher & MORE Allow me the opportunity to support you as you learn to know your SoulSelf.


In this Weekly gathering we will discuss our current spiritual book, dive into life’s learning lessons with spiritual guidance & discuss a life area of healing. This is a One of a Kind offering as I blend years of wisdom as a Spiritual Teacher, Psychic Medium, Minister & Healer to you. I know you want to heal. I know you see a different life for yourself, allow my to get you there.

This Weekly Mastermind via TBA Livestream

(FreeconferenceCall. com or Uberconference)

When: Beginning Sept. 22, 2016

Thurdays @7:30pm CST 70 min.


Sign up below, click link to subscribe Weekly of Monthly

Cost: Weekly $7.77 

Per Month  $31.00

When you sign you NOW, your price is locked in for 2 months!

(Prices increase 9/16/16 to $9.99 weekly, $40 per month)  


To get on the waiting list & be added to our Facebook Group “Spirit Squad”

email me tarotlifecoach@gmail.com


“Do What You Love, the Blessings Will Follow!”


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