Waking up.

I’ve been away from my”life” it feels like as I nurse myself back to my healthy & vibrant self. I had a bout of Dengue fever, similar to malaria! SCARY! I’ve never that ill in my life yet it gave me time to heal my addiction to social media, taking a break from what I used ย think ย would make or break my business. Marketing what I do and how I do has become a full time job, stealing from me the time to do what I want to do, which is write, teach & mentor. In my healing time, I’ve put my self on a “elimination diet”, removal of anything that does not support what I want to do. I feel a new person, like I woke up.

My focus has changed, I have changed yet my mission remains the same, to be of Service using my gifts as an intuitive spiritual teacher & healer. I am going beyond my familiar and stepping into a Spiritual Leadership Mentor by creating “She Lives To Serve” Mastermind. Combining my divine feminine spiritual coaching with inspired leadership in entrepreneurship. I will be sharing more soon. Take a peek at the video below for some announcements & updates.

Love & Light,


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